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2019 Schedule Snapshot - 'Local' Single Point Schedule Plan

2019 Brings MORE Racing to THE Track!!

We welcome ALL RACERS to come out to Practice and Race at VMP BMX nearly EVERY Sunday Afternoon in 2019!!

During Standard Time (Jan-Feb, Nov-Dev), we are holding the ONLY RACES in the AREA on Sundays in a casual mid-afternoon time slot.  These months can bring a variety of weather, so you can get in ALL TYPES of racing to keep your legs warmed up and your skills strong.

While we enjoy a little extra evening light during Daylight Savings Time, we will run races later in the evenings.  So come directly to THE Track or come on down for a 2nd Central Virginia BMX Race after you Compete at Richmond BMX which is running races starting at NOON on the same days!

In either case, watch the Facebook Page at or subscribe to Text Messaging to get race-day schedule and registration updates in case we need to adjust for weather or other scheduling considerations.  (Text VMPBMX to 84483 to get on the list!)

VMP BMX 2019 Schedule Plan for Single Point Local Races

Jan – Feb

Mar – Oct

Nov – Dec



(as available)

  • Signups: 2-3:15pm
  • Race: ASAP









  • Pre-race Practice - by request: 3-5:30pm
  • Race Signups: 5-5:30pm
  • Race: ASAP








  • Signups: 2-3:15pm
  • Race: ASAP









  • As needed for rainouts or special races
  • Signups: 1-2:15pm
  • Race: ASAP







  • March – October
  • Practice: 6-7:30pm
  • Arrive by 7pm for assured entry
  • Extended time, Clinics, and RACES are Available - Let us know!



Local Single Point Race Fees: $10 per entry, 2nd Class $5, Opens4Fun $5, Strider $5
Loaner Bike Fees: $5 per event (day), first-come, first choice, includes helmet
Local Single Point Race Format: 3-Moto Transfer*, 3-rider classes run Total Points
Local Single Point Awards:
- Rotating Awards - Trophy, Custom Medallion, or Plaque to TOP 3 Racers in EACH CLASS
- Optional SAVER STAMP Awards - 1st gets 5, 2nd gets 3, 3rd gets 2
- 2-class racers awarded ONE Award per day - Best Award or Racer choice
- And, of course - SINGLE District Points along with State Championship Series Bonus Point Race Credit
Local Single Point Certificate Race Days (when scheduled): $5 per entry, 2nd Class $3, Opens4Fun $3, Strider $3
- Certificate Day SPEED PASS $10 - 20" + Cruiser + Open4Fun Entry!
Weekday Practice: Open Practice $5, Clinic $10 (1 hr - 2 guided 25-min activities w/10 min break) - $2 VMP BUCKS per paid practice
Race Day Practice: $5 per rider to enter track - earn $2 VMP BUCKS or $5 credit can be applied to SAME DAY Race Fees
Parent Volunteer Bonus: $2 VMP BUCKS per Race or Practice - also available for other Track Support Activities
First-Time Racers: FREE RACE and 1-day Membership**, Participation Award (Regardless of Finish Position, Track Operator Select)
*Weather and Schedule adjustments may require transition to 2-moto Transfer or ALL-Total Points Format
**Please note that the 1-day Free Membership is considered a single opportunity for the person by USA BMX Policy and is not expected to be used more than once either at another track or at the same track - See the Section on Community Races for Free Membership Opportunities that can be used multiple times

Early Year Local Race Schedule for Single Point Events - Jan 6 – Feb 24

Signups Start: 2pm, ending at 3:15pm
Race Time: ASAP

Mid-Season Local Race Schedule for Single Point Events - Mar 10 - Oct 27

Signups Start: 5pm, ending at 5:30pm
Race Time: ASAP
Arrive Early for Race Day Practice - by request: 3pm through 5:30pm

End of Season Local Race Schedule for Single Point Events - Nov 3 – Dec 15

Signups Start: 2pm, ending at 3:15pm
Race Time: ASAP

Saturday Makeup for Single Point Local Race Events - All Season, As Scheduled

Signups Start: 1pm, ending at 2:15pm
Race Time: ASAP

Weekly Practice and Clinic Time - As Available

Days: Wednesdays, during Daylight Savings Time - March through October
Start: 6pm, running through 7:30pm, occasionally later
If you want Extended time, Clinics, and Weekday RACES - Let us know!