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4603 Schlipf Rd
Katy TX 77493
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Shane Hill

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Learn About BMX

There are 2 classifications of bikes.
1. BMX – any bike that has a wheel size of 20″ or less
2. Cruiser – any bike that has a wheel size for 22″ or more





  • Moto: A one lap race (usually 3 motos make 1 Race – similar to innings or quarters)
  • Moto Board: A place where the moto sheets are displayed
  • Moto Sheets: Sheets placed on the Moto Board that defines the races.  Contains the moto number, rider’s name, bike number, class, and age.
  • Staging: An area prior to the starting hill where riders are arranged in the motos.  At Katy BMX, this starts at the top of the large hill.
  • Starting Hill: This is where the gate and the races (motos) begin.
  • Gate: Riders line up in the gate where a cadence begins, then the gate drops and the race (moto) begins.
  • Sign-Ups/Registration:  This is when you will sign up to race that day.  It is 1-3 hours before the races begin.  This allows the racers time to warm up.  You can also just sign up to practice at this time.


CLASSIFICATIONS OF RIDERS:  BMX racing is a sport for all ages.  You will be racing against those in your same qualifications as much as possible.

USA BMX uses 4 criteria to determine the class each individual will compete in.  Age, Gender, Proficiency, and Wheel Size.
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