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Learn About BMX


BMX Racing started in the late 1960s, as “kids from the neighborhood” in Southern California mimicked the motorcycle stars of the day riding on dirt lots that were at the end of many streets back then.

They taped paper pie plates to their handlebars with the number of their favorite motocross hero, and raced around, twisting their right hand grip and making motorcycle sounds.

 It didn’t take long before those neighborhood kids met up with kids from other neighborhoods, ultimately leading to the first organized BMX race in July of 1969 at Palms Park in Santa Monica, CA. 

From its early roots, BMX Racing was a family sport. Moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents all came out to the track to cheer-on their racer. Some volunteered to be a starter, scorer, announcer or corner marshal. Sisters and brothers started racing or became the official family photographer. Other adults coached the kids in their little group.

Fast-forward 49 years, and BMX Racing is still every-bit a family sport as in those early days.

Modern-day BMX Racing welcomes riders from four years old to well-over 60 yrs of age. Fun fact: The eldest BMX racer is Phares Parsons from Georgia, at 82. Three generations of the Parsons family frequently race together at events throughout the South.

“Riding bikes” has created some of the best childhood memories for generations. And though kids don’t ride around the neighborhood like they used to, the local BMX track is the perfect place to continue that two-wheeled tradition of fun, family and fitness.

There are 2 classifications of bikes.
1. BMX – any bike that has a wheel size of 20″ or less
2. Cruiser – any bike that has a wheel size for 22″ or more





  • Moto: A one lap race (usually 3 motos make 1 Race – similar to innings or quarters)
  • Moto Board: A place where the moto sheets are displayed
  • Moto Sheets: Sheets placed on the Moto Board that defines the races.  Contains the moto number, rider’s name, bike number, class, and age.
  • Staging: An area prior to the starting hill where riders are arranged in the motos.  At Katy BMX, this starts at the top of the large hill.
  • Starting Hill: This is where the gate and the races (motos) begin.
  • Gate: Riders line up in the gate where a cadence begins, then the gate drops and the race (moto) begins.
  • Sign-Ups/Registration:  This is when you will sign up to race that day.  It is 1-3 hours before the races begin.  This allows the racers time to warm up.  You can also just sign up to practice at this time.


CLASSIFICATIONS OF RIDERS:  BMX racing is a sport for all ages.  You will be racing against those in your same qualifications as much as possible.

USA BMX uses 4 criteria to determine the class each individual will compete in.  Age, Gender, Proficiency, and Wheel Size.