Focus for November is outreach to the military and veteran communities as well as highlighting volunteerism in the BMX community.

Our Focus in 2018 is going to be getting more people aware of the amazing family sport of BMX. 

1. Invite any military / military kids / veterans out to the track on Sunday 11/19/17 and help share the sport of BMX with them. 

2. Consider signing up to be one of our amazing Volunteers for the new year.


There will be a list at the Concessions area for Volunteer Sign Ups. If you would like to become a Volunteer in any way next year, please come sign up and we will be sending out more details.

We are partnering up with GearUp that has sent out invites to military and veterans groups in our area inviting them to come out to the track and invite their kids to ride the track.
Please let us know in Registration (there will be a Sign In Sheet) if you (or anyone you know here) are connected to the military or if your parents are veterans.

Be sure to grab lots of photos of any military individuals and volunteers in action and send us any that you would like us to share or tag us in the photos.
As you are making use of social media this weekend, we encourage the use of the hashtags listed below – Katy BMX, GearUP, GenerationOn, Points of Light Foundation, as well as Disney will be following for these hashtags and may just share your postings.

We will be using the list of Military and Volunteers for a drawing on Friday November 30th for some great prizes - including gift cards, t-shirts, and even Disney theme park passes. 
~We will list all prizes on this event on Friday Nov 30th night and they will be handed out in December.