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TJ and Kelly Vita of Racer Concepts


Racer Concepts and its grassroots team, Racer Army, have been gaining some serious ground over the past 24 months, with decal kits to dress up your race ride in your preferred color palette, and also team supplies such as canopies, pit dress and even their own line of custom jerseys and pants.

Over the weekend, we learned that founder James Morgan will be moving on from the company, and that TJ and Kelly Vita from Wisconsin would be taking the reigns, effective immediately.

News reached out to TJ on Sunday with a few questions about their plans for Racer Concepts and Racer Army going forward, as as well as some info on the change of leadership.

- Can you tell BMX News readers a little about Racer Army (history, what you do, etc)?
We acquired both Racer Concepts, and the Racer Army team, in the transition. Racer Army is a national and international BMX Race Team, with a focus on being low pressure, friendly, and family-oriented, and is primarily sponsored by Racer Concepts. Racer Concepts provides premium custom plates, graphics, tents and gear for individuals and race teams.

- In recent days, you have acquired Racer Army from founder, James Morgan. What is James moving on to?

James is sticking around as part of the Racer Army family, and I understand he’s looking forward to a good dose of family time.

- Tell us a little about your family’s time in the sport.

We love bikes in our home, and our family has been active in the sport of BMX since our son began riding. In the years we have been involved, I started racing for fun, we have started to donate our time as volunteers and board members at MadTown BMX in the Madison, WI area, and (like countless others) spend the majority of our time at MadTown BMX, and travelling to races and meeting our extended BMX family.

- What are your plans for Racer Concepts/Racer Army going forward?

We plan to continue growing the Racer Army BMX family. BMX is really one of the few sports that anybody can participate in, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. There is an opportunity for everybody to participate and have fun at the track. Racer Army helps to facilitate that by providing the lower pressure, family oriented atmosphere that we found and love so dearly.

As far as Racer Concepts goes, our aim is to continue to offer premium custom products, and develop the brand. We look forward to having a strong showing yet again at Grands this year to highlight the full range of what we have to offer. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

- How many Racer Army grassroots teams are there, and how many riders total?

There are Racer Army Brigades in all corners of the US and Canada, with about 130 riders, including Racer Concepts factory riders.

- Please give us a rundown of the products you offer.

We offer custom jerseys, pants, tents, number plates, banners, etc., all with turn-key design services, to really unify team branding. We also offer a wide range of fork wraps, frame kits, rim wraps, and other graphics, all with aftermarket alternative colorways and designs, or with custom work such as a rider’s name, team, number, color choices, etc.

- Is there anything else you’d like BMX News readers to know about Racer Army?

We came to know and love Racer Army as a large extended network of BMX family, one that is helpful and supportive across the country, and we welcome anybody who is interested in the team to reach out with any questions they may have.


We with TJ and Kelly all the best in this exciting new project, and props to James and Jenny Morgan for leaving the brand in capable, passionate hands

For more information about Racer army, contact TJ at: or through the Racer Concepts Facebook page (link below).

—Mike Carruth


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