Hello All!

Thank you for taking interest in our great family sport of BMX racing. We know our sport is unique and different from traditional sports and that comes with questions on how to participate and try it out for the first time. Here we go. 

Central Texas BMX offers a FREE beginner lesson that is for all ages most Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:30 am. Rider must be able to ride a bike without training wheels. We ask that if you have Facebook, to follow our track page for any last minute updates on closures due to weather or special scheduling of other events that would have us cancel or postpone our beginner lessons. We have loaner race bikes and loaner full face helmets that fit every size rider and some knee/elbow pads. We do require that a rider wear a helmet and have their knees and elbows covered in some way and that closed toe shoes be worn while on the track. We do not carry shoes or clothing that meets these requirements. Pants and long sleeve shirts are acceptable. During these beginner lessons, our volunteer coaches will go over basic balance and bike handling skills to reduce the risk of falling and build confidence to step outside a riders comfort zone. Our coaches do not push a rider past a level that might endanger the rider beyond their skill potential. The coaches will observe the riders on the track and give advice to better the riders skill level at their own pace. If a rider has interest in continued lessons after their first lesson, our staff may ask that a second Saturday morning lesson be added. We also come across riders that have previous biking backgrounds that want to jump right into getting a membership with USABMX (our sanctioning body) and start racing competitively. We will answer any questions regarding joining our sport and where to go from there. These lessons are our most successful tool to finding out if a rider is indeed interested in our sport and encouraged! 

Another way to try out our sport is to come to one of our Wednesday night open practices we host every week, weather permitting. Wednesday night practice is from hours 6:00-9:00 pm and requires a $6 entry fee per rider. We do offer a one day trial membership to first time riders on these nights and is good for that particular night only. Wednesday night open practice is a time where racing members will pay to work on personal skill building exercises or recreation riding. 

BMX racing is a 12 month (Jan-Dec) long sport that offers different levels of competition ranging from local, state, and national levels through the advancement of proficiency rankings throughout a racers BMX lifespan. Everyone starts out as a NOVICE racer. To reach the INTERMEDIATE ranking, a racer must earn 10 wins to advance to this level and will take as long as it is needed to accomplish this goal. Once a racer has reached INTERMEDIATE, they now must acquire 20 wins to advance to the EXPERT ranking. This is the highest ranking as an armature racer. Everyone is different and their abilities to grow faster as a competitor depends on their individual time and effort to do so. 

We hope this clarifies any questions regarding how to start BMX racing and if there is any additional questions needed answered, please contact us through Facebook messages, email, or call us from 8am-5pm, Monday-Saturday.



(512) 348-8269