Hello! Thank you for taking interest in our Olympic sport of BMX racing! We are well known for being a family oriented sport with friendly competition. Please read below if you have never been to our facility and want to try out our sport for FREE! 

First off... If you have a Facebook account and haven't liked our FB page, please add us and like our page! We update it daily on current events and any last minute closures due to weather! Thanks! Ok, so here's how to get started. Every Saturday morning from 10:00-11:00 am we host a BRAND NEW RIDER CLINIC. It's free to enter and just requires a One-Day Membership form to be filled out and signed. Our sport is membership based, but we want you to be able to try it out for a day before any commitments to the sport. PLEASE BRING ATTIRE THAT COVERS THE KNEES AND ELBOWS OF EACH RIDER. If they don't have a bike or helmet (both required on the track) no problem! We have loaners! Just bring your open mindedness to try something new and we cover the rest! Our coaches will explain the basics of BMX racing and then we all get on the track and start taking laps! After several laps and making sure every rider can get around the track comfortably, we then work our way up the big starting hill! No rider goes down from the top unless we know they can do so safely!! After many high fives and cheering on the riders, we let them learn more on their own and we talk to parents on where to go next if there is continued interest in the sport. We hope to see everyone at one of our Saturday morning clinics!!! 

Jason Crouch