A little different, but still good news!

So there has obviously not been a track built yet.  Unfortunately for us, our scheduled build did not happen as planned.  Sadly our builder got severely held up on a track project in Oregon due to very rainy weather.  As our weather wasn't much better, he couldn't even jump over to us for a quick build and then head back. 

This news was certainly disappointing for us, but our track builder, Lance Maguire has promised to make up for this come spring 2017 by not only bringing his building talents our way, but also bringing his trusted raker with him.  Lance has promised this to be a very lucrative deal for us, as he says we should be race ready the day they leave.  For those that don't really know how tracks are most often built, the plan had been for Lance to be here for 4 days, after which a fair amount of volunteer labour time would have been spent raking out the track making it truly race ready. 

So sad news that we don't get to salivate over our new track over the winter, but good news that we might not have to work quite so hard for it to be race ready for our innaugural race season in 2017!

Stay tuned for more info throughout the winter!