Who can join?
We are excited to welcome students from 
Edison MS & HS as well as the elementary schools that feed into Edison: Council Oak, Eliot, Lanier, & Patrick Henry

We are honored to be a founding racing team to the Oklahoma school racing league. USA BMX and Hardesty National BMX Stadium presents an amazing opportunity for your students to practice on the same track as Olympians and Pros who are training for the next World Cup and the next Olympics games. 

The mission of the Edison Racing Team Club is to continually support the students and families of Edison BMX Racing in their goal to achieve the highest standards of sportsmanship and team spirit; facilitate the bike enrichment of the student membership of Edison and its feeder schools; promote the place and value of sportsmanship in our community and the significant role athletics play in lives of our children; and foster fellowship and goodwill among its members and provide its membership with opportunities for personal growth and leadership. 

We are partnering with Hardesty National BMX Stadium to provide an environment where athletes can not only practice the sport but learn all the skills needed to be successful.


Tuesdays: Skill Clinics with Coach Kate 6 PM to 8 PM*

Additional time or date may be added based on enrollment on the team. 

Edison Team Members are required to attend, at least, 2 clinics per month. 

Cost is $20 per Session. You may attend as many sessions as you like. 


Racing & Practice Opportunity: 

Thursday Evenings: Includes one hour of practice prior to racing 

Saturday Mornings: Includes one hour of practice prior to racing 

Edison Team Members are required to race in, at least, 2 races per month. 

Races are $15 per race. You may race as often as you like. 

More Info: