Please go to>Nationals>Winter Nationals for practice schedules and presigns.

We will host a practice Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th from 6:30-8:30 $10 practice fee.  Age groups will be posted the week of the race.
*If you plan to activate your transponder on Thursday there will be an additional $2 fee. Pros will be charged $2 for transponders either day  

RV parking/camping is $100 per space and will open Wednesday the 16th at 10:00 am.  All spots are first come first served and there will be no marking off spots.  Your group needs to coordinate and come together.  

Regular parking is $10 per day. 

Canopies may be set up in and around the bleachers only on Wednesday the 16th.  No canopies on the pavers. 

You may set up outside of the bleachers on Thursday after 4:00 once teams are set up

Please do not call the track phone for information, it got listed on the flyer by mistake.  We DO NOT check those messages, it is for local information only. You can contact Debbie directly with the other number listed.