Please go to www.USABMX.com for Winter National Schedule and to Pre Sign!


WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY PRACTICE happening pending weather!! We are extending our practice times to 5pm-9pm. $20 to practice! We will split into age groups as needed.


-Parking is $10/day or $25 for the weekend! We will have individuals set at the gate accepting payment for entry and providing your daily or weekend sticker. Please have this sticker somewhere visible in front of your vehicle.


-We have an extremely large parking lot that will accommodate the volume of vehicles we expect to see. Please be considerate of others vehicles and how you park. Uniform parking is expected. We will have TOW ZONE signs posted in areas that are NOT ALLOWED to be parked in. We must oblige by Phoenix road laws as we are on a public road coming into the facility and other businesses utilize this road. Any vehicles parked in an illegal location will be towed at the expense of the owner. Please follow our parking requests as we don’t want to have anyone get into trouble.

-We will also have HANDICAP parking for those that need it. Anyone found to be parked there without appropriate signage will be asked to move. This is a USABMX expectation.


-Canopies are allowed in the parking lot, however we request them to be taken down daily or in the event of windy weather to avoid damage to vehicles from flying canopies.  We also ask that you be respectful of the space you take up in order to accommodate others for parking. 


-Canopy set up at the track can be done as early as Thursday from 10am-9pm on the bleachers. Keep in mind that placing your canopy in that spot DOES NOT RESERVE those bleachers specific to you or your party. We have an open seating policy at our event on our bleachers. YOU CANNOT reserve bleacher space. If you want a specific pit area reserved, please reach out to USABMX to do so. In the event of windy weather, we ask the canopy be dropped down to avoid flying away or causing injuries to others. 


-Reserved FIRST STRAIGHT PIT spaces (the ones purchased online) can be set up as early as WEDNESDAY from 4:30pm-9pm. Please check in with a Black Mountain Member in the tower to let them know you’ve arrived and are setting up your pit space on the first straight. We will mark it on our list. We will be monitoring this closely and any individual that attempts to set up in a reserved space that IS NOT on our list will be asked to move as those are PAID spaces. 


-We have plenty of trash cans throughout our entire facility. We ask that all trash be placed into them so we can make sure to keep this facility clean for our riders. BLACK MOUNTAIN is an amazing place and we want to keep it looking that way. If you see trash overflowing, please find a can that is not to discard your trash. We will be emptying and changing the bags regularly throughout the facility. 


- We will have food trucks daily for breakfast/lunch and dinner purchases. A coffee truck will also be out there to fuel all of your caffeine needs. 


- We also will be hosting a HUGE 50/50 raffle, raffle prizes throughout the weekend that are AMAZING and a HUGE DOOR PRIZE that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!