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Grimes Park 500 E. Centre Park Blvd
Desoto TX 75115
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Track Operator:
Chris Allen, Track Operator
Casey Allen, Track Operator

Cole Fisher

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2021 Track Budget


Desoto BMX runs by a TAX ID Number and a Not-For-Profit BMX association.  



Based on 2020 Year End Report Income

As of Jan. 1, 2020 $9,100.00

Square $105,000.00

Cash $15,000.00

Total Income $139,100.00

Expenses Square Charges $1,800.00

Utilities $900.00

Bank Fees $400.00

Awards $20,000.00

USA BMX $40,000.00

Track Operating Expenses $25,000.00

Contractor/Operator Fee $33,800.00 

Track Maintenance (rebuild, repair, parts) $10,000.00

City of Desoto Fees $7,200

Income/Donations Donations $5,000

Total Expenses $139,100

Net Income $5,000.00


Previous YEAR

2020 Track Expenditures and revenue

Total for Sales 27,536.06

Cash Income- Donations $17,000.00

Total for Goods Sold- $34,761.33

Shipping Costs $11.10

Gross Profit $79,286.29

Total for Advertising and Markeing $22,864.96

Car Expenses $1,336.11

Total for Job Supplies: -14,625.17

Professional Services $53.29

Meals $393.83 (volunteers/track help)

Office Supplies and Software $5,473.82

Business Expenses $28,315.75

Total for Reimburseable Expenses $396.94

Rent & Lease $4,964.75

Total for Repairs and Maintenance $2,390.22

Taxes & Licenses $270.94

Total for Travel $565.90

Total for Utilities $737.69

Total for Expenses $53,663.68

Net ordinary Income $25,622.61

Other/ trophies and awards $16,559.68

-Net other Income -$16,559.68

Net Income $9,062.93







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