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Kiana St & 19th Ave
Fairbanks AK 99709
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Track Operator:
Paulette Buth
Joel Buth
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Far North BMX is a volunteer based club. We need you help with a variety of tasks to ensure we can have fun safe races. Please contact us if you can help out. Many of these jobs are complete prior to the race so it will not interfere with your ability to watch the races. 

Far North BMX Track Duties and Descriptions


Registration Table (5 people)

The Registration table is the first stopping point for new families to find out information and get signed up.  We need at least 2 people here early at the track who know something about the sport and can help answer questions, help fill out forms and take the money.

Bike Inspectors (2 people)

Bike Inspectors check the bikes to makes sure that there are no extra parts on them, i.e. kickstand, reflectors, pegs, etc.  Wheel axles are not longer than approx. 3/8”, and bar end plugs are in place. If something needs to be fixed, tell them what needs fixing and that it can be done before races or they can borrow a bike to use. This is not a mechanical or safety check. Bikes are expected to be in proper and safe condition when they arrive at the track. Track volunteers are not professional mechanics and should not act as such.

Stager & Lane Assigner (2 people)

The stager is the first in line for the riders to see in lining up to proceed up the hill to race.  The stager makes sure that the correct riders are lined up for that moto.  If a rider is missing and identified as not qualified in a previous race, call their name out loudly a couple of times so they can report to you.  Also, check to see that they have the inspections sticker for that day on their number plates and that they have the correct number on their plates.  Then send them up the hill to wait for the lane assigner.  If the rider still has not shown up, call them again, now it is up to the announcer to call them.  ** Make sure all riders have long sleeve shirts, pants are long and taped up and helmets are fastened.

The Assigner will call the moto up the hill.  Assign lane numbers to the riders as they come up.  Have the riders line up behind the grate of the appropriate gate.  Remind riders to not get on the grate until the previous moto has left.  As the riders leave the starting gate, the Assigner with the announcer will watch the riders and make sure the riders keep their lane through the first obstacle.  Once the moto is gone then  call up the next moto to the top of the hill.  If your kid(s) are racing, it is ok to take the time out to be able to watch your kids race.


Announcer runs the gate and calls the motos.  They introduce each moto, Age range, Novice or intermediate, number of qualifiers or if is a total points race.  They work closely with the assigner and the finish line people to make sure plate numbers are correct and the correct riders are in the moto.  They are also the last check if the rider’s sleeves are down and helmets fastened.  They also respond to crashes on the starting hill.

Track Spotters (min of 3 people)

Track officials will wear bright vests and are the people watching that all races are being raced safely. 

The lead rider has the right of way, if they are out of control, it is the responsibility of the following riders to slow down or pass safely.  Sometimes there may be body or bike contact.  As long as it is not intentional, malicious or T-boning, it is permissible.  If it is an intentional act, that rider is disqualified for that race.  If you see this, let the Announcer or finish line know ASAP.  If a rider protests the race, all officials meet with the rider and other rider(s) that the rider is protesting.  They have 2 races to protest, so don’t forget incidents.  Officials discuss the incident and make a decision regarding it.  All races will have a head official and their decision is final word.

Also your job is to assist a downed rider if necessary, give them a chance to get up themselves first.  Talk to them before you try to move a bike or get them up to find out where they are hurt.  If after a few minutes they are still down, in pain, etc., you can then call the parents out on the track.  Until they are officially called out, keep parents back if they do come running out.  The announcer or finish line people will be watching for this also.  If a rider goes down on the end near the finish line, you need to assist so that the finish line people can still do their job.  If the tower & finish line people are working solo and have riders in a race, they may call the nearest official to the finish line to call the rider order of finish so that there are no discrepancies in the placement of finish.

Finish Line ( Min of 2 people)

Finish line people record the order of the riders as they cross the finish line.  Usually one person calls the order of riders and the other person writes it down.  They both then confirm the finish of each race.  This is a tough job but teamwork is essential to correct recording.  They also need to communicate with the announcer the winners.

Trophy/ Medal table

The person sets up the table and medals before the main moto (last moto).  They work with the finish line to determine the winners and also the total points races.

Concession table (2 people would be nice)

We need 2 people to set up, work and break down the concession stand.  2 people allows for breaks for each so you can watch the races.

Grounds Keeping (2 people)

Mowing, weed whacking and general up keep over the course of the season.

Race Track Maintenance  (3 people)

We need 3 people to show up early to set up tables, tents, cones, sweep, rake and water track.

We also need to repairs to the track after the races and practices.