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The MN State series gives you the opportunity to see how you rank amongst other MN riders your age. Each track hosts their own state qualifier. Qualifiers are run the same as any other races, just on a larger scale. Since MN has 10 tracks, to be eliegible for the end of year award (state number plate), you are required to race a minimum of 5 qualifers and the state finals at the end of the season. If you choose to race more than that, your 5 best scores, plus any earned bonus points, will be used to calculate your final score. 

At the end of the series, the top 50% of riders in each age group will be awarded number plates (minimun of 3 and a maximum of 10 plates per class). It should be noted that novice and intermediate riders of each age group are ranked together.

State races give you the opportunity to earn district points too! Most state races are double or triple point races, meaning that you will earn state points according to the state points table below. will also earn DOUBLE or TRIPLE (depending on the event) district points to help towards your end of year district ranking too!!

What are bonus points?

Straight from the rulebook, "Riders will earn points in single point races (in that state or province) ran on or before July 15th. A maximum of eight (8) single point scores can be counted using the point system as represented in Section VII, points table, C - the State/ Provincial Points Table (See below)."

"It is important to understand that these single point races could account for a large percentage of a rider’s overall state/provincial points total - as much as 4 times the number of points from a SCR/PCR race (for riders with 1 track in their state or province)"

What is a state plate?

A state plate is a plate that you earned by racing the state series as above. Novice and intermediate plates have a green background with a white number. Expert and expert girls have a blue backrgound with a white number. 

State plates can be used at any local or state race, but cannot be use at Gold Cup or National events. 

***NEW FOR 2024***

Deadline for bonus points has been extended to August 1st.