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2352 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
Chico CA 95928
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Track Operator:
Marty Law
Vince Enserro

Jake Peebles
Evan Enserro
Chris Bresson

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Silver Dollar BMX Bylaws

~Silver Dollar BMX By-Laws
Article I- NAME
Section 1.1 The name of this association shall be: “Silver Dollar BMX Association”. This association
shall be referred to hereinafter in these By-Laws as "Association".
Section 1.2 This association shall be a member of and be sanctioned under the USABMX and operate at
the SDBMX track in Chico, California.
SECTION 2.1 The purpose of this organization shall be:
 to support and promote the objectives and policies of the USABMX at our track.
 to promote good sportsmanship among our riders.
 to increase the effectiveness and preparedness of out track officials and volunteers through active
participation, instruction, and training.
 to maintain a safe, race environment, equipment, and track at all times.
 to teach our riders to "help those less fortunate" by holding an annual "Race For Life" to
benefit the Leukemia Foundation, as well as other special event races as voted on by the
association, to render aid as needed.
 to work to increase our membership and presence in the community and to have good
representation from our track at State and National race events.
 to encourage healthy competition, and bettering of self esteem in our riders while promoting a
sense of pride in our track, our community, our park, and our teams.
 to provide wholesome, fun, year-round activities, weather permitting, from January 1 through
December 15.
SECTION 3.1 Membership Eligibility
Voting membership of the Association shall be extended to all riders and parents who are in good
standing within the purposes and guidelines of the USABMX and the Association. The voting members
shall consist of three categories: (a) parents or legal guardians of the currently registered riders who claim
SDBMX as their home track, (b) currently registered Association riders who have reached their 18th
birthday, or (c) adult volunteers who are active at the SDBMX track.
SECTION 3.2 Voting Eligibility
Members must have attended a minimum of 3 Association meetings during the current year to be
considered a member in good standing and to be eligible to vote in an election of officers.
SECTION 3.3 Officer Eligibility
Members must have attended a minimum of 3 Association meetings during the current year to be
considered a member in good standing and to be eligible for becoming an elected officer of the
SECTION 4.1 Removal of Membership
A member may be removed from membership for:
 non-compliance of Association By Laws in any instance.
 non-compliance of USABMX sanctioned rules and guidelines.
 advocating dis-unity within the Association.
SECTION 4.2 Reinstatement to Membership
Reinstatement of a member removed from membership for any cause may be reinstated by submitting a
written request for reinstatement, which must be approved by 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee.
The business of this track shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the officers of the
organization and the heads (“chairs”) of the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee shall be
responsible for the management of the affairs and business of this organization. After due notice to all
members of such meeting, a majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. One person may hold no
more than one position simultaneously. Vacancies shall be filled by an appointment of the president, with
ratification by the officers at the next regularly scheduled meeting, for the balance of the fiscal year
(January 1 thru December 31).
SECTION 5.1 Officers and Duties
Officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice President, Track Operator, Race Director, Safety and
Officiating Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Rider Representative and Publicity.
SECTION 5.2 Term of Office
The elected officers of this association shall serve for as long as they are willing to serve, or for as long as
the association sees fit to continue to elect them annually.
Open positions will be posted in September. Eligible members will volunteer for nomination at the
October Association meeting and become elected at the November Association meeting. Officers will
take office as of January 1, and serve until December 31 of the same year, regardless of the installation
date, or until an elected successor takes office. All officers will be expected to attend monthly and special
meetings of Association.
SECTION 5.3 Duties of Officers
Duties of President shall be:
 to preside at all meetings of this Association.
 to be ex-officio member of all committees.
 to oversee New Construction committees and assign chairpersons.
 to prepare a program of action after consulting committee chairmen, for presentation to the
 to sign checks, in the inability of the Treasurer to do so.
 to represent the organization at all times or to designate someone as representative in their
 to serve as delegate when possible to State and National Conventions.
 to notify members of all Association meetings.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of Vice President shall be:
 to perform the duties of the President in their absence.
 to be the Head and Chair the Membership and Awards Committee (See Section 6.2).
 to attend monthly and special meetings and functions of the Association when possible.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of the Track Operator:
 to officiate as alternate Head Official at events Head Official cannot attend.
 to ensure the guidelines and rules of USABMX are followed at all events. This position must have a
thorough understanding of bicycle moto-cross and knowledge of the rules of competition.
 to be the Head and Chair of the Operating Committee (see Section 6.2).
 to manage all track infrastructure and race surface maintenance All new construction is the
responsibility of the New Construction Chair (see Section 6.2).
 Official member of the New Construction committee.
 appoints volunteers to assist in the following duties: cashier, registrar, moto-posting, announcing,
and awards & trophies.
 responsible for the supervising licensing, registration, and classification of all participants in an
event and for scheduling dayʼs races on appropriate forms for the submission of all race reports
to the USABMX in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the USABMX.
 to submit annual draft calendar of race events to the Executive Committee for approval.
 to be assign liaison between the SDBMX track and the USABMX Headquarters.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of the Race Director:
 to oversees race day operations and race day track surface readiness.
 to ensure starting gate is operational and ready prior to each racing event.
 to manage practice night operations including securing volunteers for appropriate staffing, gate
operation, registration and cashier.
 This position must have a thorough understanding of bicycle moto-cross and knowledge of the
rules of competition.
 Appoints volunteers and trains individuals on proper procedures.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of the Safety and Officiating Director:
 to act as Head Official at all race events.
 to ensure the guidelines and rules of USABMX are followed at all events. This position must have a
thorough understanding of bicycle moto-cross and knowledge of the rules of competition.
 Oversees medical supervision as needed.
 appoints volunteers and trains individuals on proper procedures to assist in the following duties:
spotters, safety personnel, and scoring.
 Reviews rider complaints on safety and officiating coordinating with Race Director, Registrar, Track
Operator and other Officers and necessary.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of Secretary shall be:
 to keep and read the minutes of all meetings.
 to keep records of attendance at Association meetings.
 to be custodian of all records and contracts except financial records and make them available to
Association members upon request.
 to provide copy of minutes of all meetings.
 to conduct correspondence of the Association as approved by the Executive Committee.
 to keep a file of all correspondences and make them available at all times to the Association.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of Treasurer shall be:
 to be custodian of all operating funds of the Association.
 to collect all funds and deposit all funds in the appropriate bank accounts.
 to disburse funds as directed by the Executive Committee and to pay bills.
 to be ex-officio member of all committees where funds are expended.
 to provide monthly written reports of the receipts and disbursements for the Association activities at
the regular and special meetings.
 to submit, upon request, books for an annual audit.
 to reconcile bank statements.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of Rider Representative shall be:
 A Rider Representative will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
 To be eligible for election as Rider Representative, the rider must have two (2) years of rider
experience, hold a current USABMX card and have reached his/her fourteenth (14) birthday.
 The Rider Representative will be the liaison between the riders and the Executive Committee.
 At any time that the Rider Representative feels that there is an unsafe condition at the Track, he/
she shall bring it to the attention of the Track Operator or Safety and Officiating Director.
 The Rider Representative can hold Riders Meetings at his/her discretion.
 The Rider Representative will make a monthly report to the Association.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duties of Publicity shall be:
 to actively promote, publicize, lead fundraising efforts and public relations for the track.
 to send out email and social media announcements, manage the official web pages of the
Association, press announcements, events, and promotional items.
 to perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Deliver all records, files and properties of the Association, in an organized manner to their prospective
successors within one month after retiring from office.
SECTION 6.1 Executive Committee shall consist of:
• The elected officers
SECTION 6.2 The Standing Committee(s) shall consist of:
MEMBERSHIP AND AWARDS: to contact current riders, solicit new riders, welcome new riders with
introductions and appropriate rule books, etc., and notify temp riders of conversion/expiration date.
Establish awards program and procure awards (top riders, moving up, trophies, etc.).
NEW CONSTRUCTION: to coordinate any new track construction that is needed for the Association
including, but not limited to, outbuildings, restroom facilities, parking, drainage, weather protection.
Responsible for developing plans, securing bids and drafting budgets for Executive Committee approval.
Responsible for obtaining permits and all other items necessary to follow city, county and state
ordinances and regulations. The New Construction Chair shall secure volunteers for the committee and
as needed to assist in new track construction. Chair will also be liaison with the City of Chico as needed.
CONCESSIONS: to coordinate the running of the concession stand by recruiting and scheduling
volunteers to assist with shopping, stocking, setup, cooking, customer service/sales, concession pricing,
cashiers, and cleanup of concession stand at races.
OPERATING COMMITTEE: the Operating committee consists of a group of volunteers that are
responsible for all activities regarding the daily operation of the SDBMX track.
SECTION 6.3 - Duties of The Executive Committee shall be:
 • to have jurisdiction over removal and reinstatement of membership.
 • to approve appointments of chairmen of standing committees.
 • to direct disbursement of funds.
 • to approve the banks for funds to be deposited.
 • to transact any necessary business between meetings.
 • to make recommendations as to policies of the Association.
 • to fill vacancies that may occur between elections.
SECTION 6.4 - Quorum
A simple majority (50% +1) shall constitute a quorum for all Executive Committee meetings.
SECTION 7.1 - Notification of Meetings
Regular monthly meetings shall be announced by the President, who will communicate the date, time and
place five (5) days prior to the meeting. It will be held at the discretion of the President, at any time during
the month, but there must be an attempt to work with the schedules of all of the officers and committee
chairs. Special meetings may be called at any time, with a five (5) day notification. The purpose of the
special meeting will be stated in the call, and no other business may be transacted. There shall be no
fewer than four (4) quarterly meetings held per year.
SECTION 8.1 - Nominating Procedure
Silver Dollar BMX is an all-volunteer organization. There is no formal nominating committee. Any
Association Member in good standing can volunteer for any committee chair or officer position. As
previously mentioned, open positions will be posted in September. Any interested Association Member
can notify the Executive Committee at the October Association meeting of their interest and qualifications
for the position. In the event that multiple Association Members volunteer for the same position,
Association Members attending the November Association meeting will determine final selection by
majority vote.
SECTION 9.1 – Executive Committee election by the Association shall be determined by voting, except in
an emergency situation.
SECTION 9.1 - There shall be no proxy voting.
SECTION 9.2 - Only members in good standing shall be "Voting Members". One vote per ‘family’
regardless of how many USABMX memberships have been registered.
These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of members in good standing at any regular meeting of
the Association, provided that notice of proposed amendments and meeting date have been given at least
thirty (30) days prior to said meeting.

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