Lone Star BMX schedule for 2019:


Event: Monday Night Lessons 

Beginner rider Lessons 

Time:  6-7pm 

Price: $10 


Advanced rider Lessons 

Time:  7-8pm

Price: $15


Event: Thursday Night Practice

Time: 6-8pm

Price: $7



Event: Thursday Night Total Point Racing

Time: 6-7pm Signups

Price: $14

Event: Saturday Night 2 Moto Transfer Racing, 

Time: 6-7pm Signups 

Price: $14

* You must register at signups before gettig on the track

* On race nights you must be registered to race in order to practice on the track

* Year memberships are $60. $2 surecharge for credit card on memberships only.

* One Day free memberships avaliable for first time riders.

* Rental bike avaliable for $10

* Loaner helmets avalaible (leave ID)

* You knees, shins, elbows and forearms must be covered.

* Helmet required (Full face recommended)