We are so excited for the 2021 season! Before we open for the new season, we thought it would a great time to reflect on 2020 year at Lone Star BMX. From starting the new year last January and not only relocating, but rebuilding, the bmx track and having the support of so many volunteers who came out on various work days to help get the property prepared for the move, to clear brush and other property maintance, along with relocating all of Lone Star BMX equipment, lights, concession stand, and everything else. Not to mention all of this happening right as the pandemic hit!


We are so thankful for every person who came out and supported Lone Star and who rallied with us during these unprecedented times. We had long, long days of working on the track but we pushed through. We could not have been more ready to open when August rolled around. What a long journey it had been, lots of sweat, lots of hand work from so many individuals, families, amd businesses to get us to that pivitol point. We will forever be grateful. 


August came, and we hosted the second largest State Qualifier race our opening weekend! We we're blown away by everyone who came out to ride-- again, during the pandemic. 87 motos! After that weekend, our numbers held steady over the next few months through the end of the season. We quickly moved from 9th out of the 12 Texas tracks to 4th!! We had over 6,000 hours logged from over 85 Volunteers throughout the 2021 season. So much hard work and love poured into Lone Star BMX from so many different directions!!


On top of that, our community was able to raise $10,000 to provide asphalt on the turns and starting hill for our riders, to keep our track open and provide less time spent working on track maintanence for our volunteers.  


Our halloween raffle was able to provide enough funds for our Lone Star BMX community to sponsor our first rider for the 2021 season!! 


Our network was able to provide over 600 pounds of dried canned goods to various food banks in the month of November as part of the Lone Star BMX Food Drive.


In December, we had numerous anonymous individuals purchase items as part of our Lone Star BMX Toy Drive to donate over 25 items to four children and over $400 donated to the household for toiletries, essential household goods, and necessary bills. 


We go forward into 2021 knowing that we have an amazing community of riders, volunteers, and individuals who want to make a difference. Thank you to each and every one of you for making a difference for us. We seriously are so grateful to have each of you in our community and network and know we will only continue to reach our goals and push our limits forward on and off the track.



A few special thanks to a handful of individuals that don't get the recoginition as much as they deserve:


First and formost, thank you to our Board of Directors, Randy Young, Shannon Ramirez, and Jeff Checkal. 


A huge thank you to USABMX, USABMX track builder, Billy Allen, and the top man himself, Bernie Anderson. 


Special thank you to Lee Lewis for all of his hard work and dedication to get the track in top shape physically and visually. 


We are forever thankful for Angela and Ryan Napier and Freedom Hills Church for this opportunity and property and their community, especially Locksmith Chris, the official mower of LSBMX. 


Thank you to Randy and Tyler Young and Chris Stevens for always coming to the rescue when things go south, for coming out early, all the hours of hard work, the list goes on and on. 


Shannon Ramirez for continuous help in the concession stand and sign ups and for making all the snack runs. 


Jeff Checkal for always being a hand when needed and for being the best gate starter in the business.


Hojo Johnson for always helping set up and break down.


Kristen Dubois, Brittany Giddens and Jennifer Lawler for helping out in the concession stand (and all the mothering you mamas do for our babies).


Thank you to Jill Kingslein for always helping with scoring and to Scot McKay for announcing at every race.


Alex Meanguez for welding and installing our gate, plus numerous other side jobs.


Dave Smith for building our announcer tower and many other projects around the track.


To EV+P and Vashaun Newman for all of the volunteer hours they've donated doing various photography for our program and races.


Cody Brown and Chris Giddens, The Shine Effect, for donating their time and skills to paint our concession stand and announcer tower and connex. 


We know there are many, many more of you, the Supplees, the Dubois, the Branches, Carrolls, the list goes on!


Last but not least, we would like to thank our 2020 Sponsors, CareerStaff Unlimited, Mr. Rooter's Plumbing, Family Leisure, Robbi's Distributing, Action Bikes, SunState Equipment Co., The Shine Effect, Culvers, and Lori Checkal with Texas Premier Realty. Our program is 10x better because of each of you and your support.


That's a wrap, 2020! We are so looking forward to all that we will accomplish in 2021 as riders, as volunteers, and as a BMX community. If you have ideas or feedback for the 2021 season, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected].