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Track Operator:
Danny Weigel
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Getting Started

Getting started in BMX racing is simple and affordable - all you need is a bike, determination, and a USA BMX track... 

Any type and size of bicycle will do. Many of our youngest riders even start off on bikes with smaller tires... whatever you ride around the neighborhood will be perfect for getting started.

Make sure your bike is USA BMX safe and race ready:

  • Make sure all bolts are tight - especially your axle bolts and stem bolts.
  • All reflectors must be removed for safety purposes.
  • If your bike has a kickstand, it must be taken off.
  • You'll also need a numberplate. You will be provided a numberplate with your membership purchase.

Next, there's the checklist of what you will need to wear in order to race:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • A helmet - USA BMX highly recommends a full-face helmet. We have some "loaner helmets" for beginners to use. A lot of times, a good, inexpensive helmet can be found at garage sales or in the pit area of your local BMX track.
  • Any enclosed shoe is sufficient. Tennis shoes are suggested.


The first thing you need to do is find the registration building. You'll need to fill out a USA BMX application and sign up to race or practice. First-time racers are able to race their first race FREE. If you decide you want to race BMX you will need to purchase a USA BMX Membership for $60. This allows you to race at any track for one year. Entry fees are $10 for a single point race. 

Before you get up on the starting gate, it is suggested that first you closely watch the riders go around the track. Pay attention to their body motion over jumps (using arms and legs as shock absorbers) and note where riders are pedaling and when they are coasting. Take it slow on your first few laps. Remember, you are brand new to this and those fast, expert racers started off just like you. Take time to learn the track - know which obstacles are coming up and how to take it smoothly. Often, the difference in the beginner class is who is smoothest around the course rather than quickest.