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1600 Cedar Bend Lane SW
Ely IA 52227
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Track Operator:
Dan Ryan
[email protected]

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Membership Information

USA BMX Memberships

 Every rider practicing or competing on any sanctioned track must obtain a membership prior to riding on the track. Memberships can be purchased at the track. There are six types of memberships available:

  • One-day membership - For the new rider to have a chance to experience the sport prior to joining with one of the memberships below. This membership is for one day of use only and is not transferable or reusable. This membership allows riders to participate in a practice or a single-points race only.
  • Temporary 60 Day
    • Valid at any sanctioned track
    • For practice and single-point races only
    • Convertible within a 60-day period to a full (annual) member, with a conversion fee.
  • Balance Bike (annual) - Balance Bike is an open, non-pointed class formed with riders under age 5 riding push bicycles without pedals. This class will form with 2 or more riders. On occasion, if the need arises, Balance Bike may be offered to riders over the age of 5 with special needs who have an Individualized Education Plan or Individualized Service Plan.
    • Official membership card
    • Balance Bike style bikes
    • No points will be awarded
    • Convertible to a Full membership, with a conversion fee. Balance Bike memberships which are converted to a full membership will retain the original membership expiration date or get a minimum of 6 months of full membership (whichever is greater).
  • Full (annual)- Valid at any sanctioned event
    • Official membership card
    • Subscription to PULL magazine (first family member only)
    • Annual tracking of points at all races. After a trial membership it is required to join USABMX in order to race at Cedar Rapids BMX throughout the season (except for the scheduled no membership days).


  • Race For Life
  • Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race