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You don't have to know how everything works at first. On this page, we answer the most basic questions.

Other great resources:


Check our current schedule, but also check our social media feeds for last-minute changes. Weather, equipment failures, and other unpredictable events can cause us to cancel or change events without a lot of warning. Always double check Facebook or Instagram before starting out.

Practices are drop-in, so you can stop by at any time during the scheduled practice period to get your laps in. Races have practice time, too, but it is included in what we call the "sign-up" or "registration" window. Always arrive towards the beginning of the race sign-up period to make sure you have time to register and practice before the racing begins. You must sign-in before you begin riding, whether it's a practice or a race!


All riders must have active USA BMX memberships to ride any USA BMX track.

Know you want to ride, or need to activate an old account? Get your membership here, or we will gladly help you at the track registration window. Make sure to select BIGFOOT BMX as your home track!

Aren't 100% sure you'll love it? Get a free 1-day trial membership at the window when you arrive. You can only use one free 1-day trial membership in your lifetime, so on your second visit to any USA BMX track, you'll need to upgrade to a partial or full membership in order to ride. 

Under 18? All paperwork must be signed by a parent or guardian for all minors under the age of 18.

Once you have an active USA BMX membership, you must also pay a small fee every time you participate in an event.

At Bigfoot BMX, our event fees are:

  • Practices: $5 per rider
  • Single-point races: $10 per race entry
  • Multi-point races: $25-$50 per race entry

Your USA BMX membership allows you to ride any USA BMX track in USA or Canada, so bring your bike when you travel! Search for tracks here.


All riders must wear the following basic safety equipment:


  • Helmets must have a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed.

  • Full-face helmet or a helmet that covers the ears is recommended.

  • Loaner helmets are available.


  • Short-sleeved shirts and elbow pad combinations are subject to track operator approval.


  • Shorts and shin pad combinations are subject to track operator approval.


Here is more information about gear.


Typical BMX racing bikes have very lightweight components, no shocks, 20" or 24" diameter wheels, and hand-activatated brakes. Here is more information about BMX bikes. Talk to us at the track about bikes before investing in one. We can help steer you in the right direction. 

If the rider already has a bike, they can ride it, but if it isn't a true BMX racing bike, it might need a few modifications to be safer (like removing kickstands, reflectors, and pegs). You can save time by removing these accessories at home before visiting.

We do have several loaner bikes available, but they are first come, first served. If you know you want to borrow something, please arrive at the beginning of the sign-up or practice period.

We don't allow anything with a motor on the track, including e-bikes and RC cars. 

We welcome pedal-free strider bikes for kids not yet able to ride a pedaled bike, and yes, they can race.

Tip: if your kid is struggling to get into the habit of standing up the entire time they are racing, just lower their seat as far down as it can go. It eventually becomes more comfortable for them to stand than to sit!



At a typical practice, there is no sorting of age or experience. Everyone can ride at the same time.

USA BMX uses 4 criteria to determine a racer’s classification for competition—age, gender, proficiency and wheel size.

The four proficiencies are called "novice," "intermediate," "expert," and "girl expert." Riders race others of the same proficiency and age, unless there is a shortage of riders. If there are fewer than three riders registered for a given class, those riders are combined with the next available class until a legal class of at least three riders can be formed.

We never really know until everyone is registered, but it is most likely that new riders will race other new riders of a similar age.

Find more detailed information on classifications and motos under step 3 and 4 here


For a standard "single point race," we run three rounds of racing on a single race day. We take a short break between rounds two and three, which is called the "main" or "main event."

There is always a designated "sign-up" period before each race. This is the time to practice and register. Arriving at the start of that period ensures that you get the most practice time. Plan ahead: you must register to race before the end of the sign-up period!

For a typical Wednesday night race, the sign-up period is 5-6:30 PM, and racing is finished by 8 PM. 


We almost always do what's called "total points racing," which means that everyone gets to race all three rounds, including the main. In total points racing, we assign points based on finishes, with 1 point given to 1st place, 2 point given to 2nd, etc. Whoever has the lowest "total points" in the end, wins!

At some tracks (or at some larger races), you'll encounter what's called "transfer racing." In this type of race, riders have to finish rounds one or two in a certain position in order to qualify to race the main event.

The type of race (and the finish required to transfer to the main, if applicable) is always indicated on the "moto sheet," which we will show you when you come to your first race. 


We typically award medals for 1st through 3rd place, although there are two races each year that help raise money for USA BMX Foundation programs. For those, all USA BMX tracks award certificates. We sometimes give riders the option of choosing an alternate award, such as a box of candy or ice cream.

More questions? Email us at [email protected], or just stop by the window and ask. We're always happy to help!