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6540 Saukview Dr
St. Cloud MN 56303
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Track Operator:
Mark Post
Track Phone 320.230.7820
Mark Post 320.260.6702

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Memberships, Pricing, Value Pack Info

We have different memberships levels and value packs available!


  • You need a USABMX membership to ride on our track.  
    • Memberships are good at ALL USABMX tracks. More than 370 tracks in the US!!
    • Minnesota has 11 tracks!! 
    • Memberships are good for one full year from the time of purchase - 365 days!!
  • Try it for Free:
    • You can try a FREE 1-DAY Trial Membership to see how you like it.  
    • You can do a free 1-day membership on one of our Community Education Nights, a Race Night, or a Practice Night! 
  • Available Memberships:
    • $30 Balance Bike memberships for the little tykes on the balance bikes.  
    • $60 Standard memberships - includes ability to ride class and / or cruiser (24" bikes) with this membership.  
    • Upgrade standard memberships to Premium for additional savings on events. See more below.
    • $100 Gold Card memberships gives the rider some additional perks such as access to the FAST registration line at National events.

Event Pricing  - pay as you go for races/practices or purchase Value Pack Punch cards or a Membership Package to save $$$$.  [See SCHEDULE for all of our scheduled events/prices.]

  • 10 pack-Single Point Race Value Pack Punch Card for $90 ($100 value)
  • 10 pack-Practice Value Pack Punch Card for $40 ($50 value)

Membership Packages:

  • NEW RIDER RACE LEAGUE PACKAGE - $140.  Package includes USABMX membership ($60) PLUS: 
    • 5 Single Point Race Punches ($60 value)
    • 2 Practice Punches ($14 value)
    • 4 Beginner Coached Lesson Punches ($80 value)
    • 1 personalized BMX JERSEY 
    • 1 BMX number PLATE ($10 value)
    • PACKAGE VALUE = over $250   (Cost = $140)
  • BRAND NEW RIDER PREMIUM PACKAGE - $120.  Package includes USABMX membership ($60) PLUS: 
    • 6 Single Point Race Punches ($72 value)
    • 5 Practice Punches ($35 value)
    • 1 Beginner Clinic Punch ($20 value)
    • 1 year of FREE OPENS at single point races!  (**Opens are valued at $5 each ~ approx $175 value)
    • PACKAGE VALUE = $335   (Cost = $120)‚Äč
  • RENEWING RIDER PREMIUM PACKAGE - $120.  Package includes USABMX membership ($60) PLUS: 
    • 2 Single Point Race Punches ($24 value)
    • 10 Practice Punches ($70 value)
    • 1 year of FREE OPENS at single point races!  (**Opens are valued at $5 each ~ approx $175 value)
    • PACKAGE VALUE = $305   (Cost = $120)

**We schedule approximately 35 single point races each year.  Ride will race both their Novice/Intermediate/Expert race and their Open race.  Opens=more practice in a race setting. Open races earn Biker Buck awards, rather than trophies. Biker Bucks trade as cash in our concessions (ex: Gatorade, ice cream, food, candy).





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