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12605 Frost Rd
Kansas City MO 64138
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Track Operator:
Nate Jonjevic
Hector Loredo
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The sport of BMX was created by kids, for kids of all ages. Back in the early 1970s, a group of young riders were pretending to be their favorite motorcycle racing heroes by "racing" around a vacant dirt lot, twisting their imaginary throttle while they pedaled their bicycles. Thus, BMX was born.

That desire and vision has evolved into a full-blown Olympic sport in which riders compete on established tracks, elevating themselves to "hero" status. Races are organized according to age group and skill levels, so everyone get the opportunity to compete on a fair level. BMX offers every rider the ability to participate at his or her own pace...NO ONE SITS ON THE BENCH! There are no coaches deciding who gets to play, everyone gets into the action.


For many families, BMX racing is a weekly ritual. You can choose to come whenever you like, as often as you like, to races, practices & clinics. Everyone is welcome to come out and cheer on the racers, and spectators are usually free! BMX is an affordable, family-oriented sport. It is quite common to see mom, dad, brother and sister ALL racing within their respective classes.


One fundamental aspect of BMX racing is that participants will compete with others their same age and skill level. Unlike other sports, BMX offers three proficiences per age: Novice, Intermediate and Expert. New riders are classified as Novice and, as their ability increases, they will move through the skill levels.


  • SELF ESTEEM: Builds confidence and teaches kids about setting and reaching goals.    

  • FITNESS: Develops strong minds and bodies.

  • DISCIPLINE: Helps kids to focus energy in a positive direction.

USA BMX offers several different membership types to meet the needs of the BMX public.

New Member Card (USABMX-membership-Cards.png)All riders practicing or competing on a sanctioned track must obtain a membership prior to riding on the track. Memberships can be purchased online or at the track.

There are three types of memberships available, which are as follows:

A. 1 Day Membership - For the new novice rider to have a chance to experience the sport (must be acquired at the track). Valid at any sanctioned track. For practice and single-points races only.

B. Balance Bike (annual) - For the young toddler rider Official membership card. For use with no pedal / balance bikes. No points awarded.

C. Full Member (annual) Official membership card. One-year subscription to PULL magazine (10 issues, 1st family membership only). Annual tracking of points for all races. Temporary number plate, official rulebook, and New Rider Manual (can be picked up at local track). Family discounts for 2nd and 3rd (or additional) family members.