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Track Operator:
Mark Baxter
Stacey Baxter

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Cortez BMX Bylaws

Bylaws of Cortez BMX

Article I: Association Name
The name of the association shall be Cortez BMX

Article II: Purpose

A: The purpose of Cortez BMX association is to maintain a high quality facility and provide a safe, fun, and competitive racing environment for racers and their families.

 B: Support the goals and objectives of the American Bicycle Association.

 C: Promote good sportsmanship among participants.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility
Membership in Cortez BMX shall be granted to all riders in good standing with the ABA and claim Cortez BMX as their home track (racing a minimum of 5 times in a given year.)

Section 2: Voting Eligibility
All member riders 18 and over and parents or guardians of minor members will have one vote for election of officers.

Article IV: Finances
Cortez BMX funds gathered through entry fees, concessions, sponsors, fundraising, and donations shall be kept in a checking account.  Fiscal year of the organization will be January 1 through December 31. The track operator will present a financial report at every board meeting.

Article V: Officers and Their Elections

Definition of Cortez BMX Board:  Group of volunteers committed to assisting the official track operators run Cortez BMX in an organized manner in full compliance with ABA regulations.  This group will promote accountability, organization, and sustainability for Cortez BMX.

Section 1: Officers
The elected officers of Cortez BMX shall be: President, Maintenance Director, Promotions Communications Chair, and Assistant Track Operator. There shall be a Track Director appointed by the board with full board member duties.

Section 2: Duties of Officers
1) President:  Main board contact for the track operators.  Anticipated commitment includes the following:
* Responsible for passing important information to board members
* Representing Cortez BMX when track operators are unavailable
* Understanding track operations and ABA regulations
* Acts as head track official for Cortez BMX

2) Maintenance Director:  Responsible for maintaining track safety, rideability, and beauty.  Anticipated commitment includes the following:
            *  Assembling group of people responsible for maintenance
            *  Organizing track work days as necessary
            *  Preparation for season opening race
            *  Preparation for State Qualifier or other large races
            *  Emergencies when caused by weather, vandalism, etc.
            *  Cortez BMX property such as the shed and equipment related to track function
                        may also need occasional attention.

3) Promotions/Communications Chair:  Responsible for promoting track functions, organizing membership drives, and communicating information to newspapers and local businesses.
Anticipated commitment includes the following:
            *  Development and delivery of fliers
*  Communicating with local businesses, schools, other tracks, and parents when           necessary
            *  Commitment to communication of information to local newspapers
            *  Organization of promotional events including activities and materials
            *  Projected promotional events:  (1) Season opener; (2) Membership Drive/
                        Bring a Friend Race; (3) Assistance with end of year party as necessary           

4) Assistant Track Operator:  Responsible for assisting track operators in administrative duties when appropriate.  Anticipated commitment includes the following:
*  Commitment to understanding ABA requirements for paperwork and managing funds.
            *  Monthly review of Cortez BMX books and bank account.
            *  Access to Cortez BMX account to be used under authority of track operators
            *  Assistance in ordering necessary items for running Cortez BMX organization
            *  Assistance in administrative duties in the event of track operator absence
            *  Manage concessions

5) Track Operator:  Responsible for overseeing function of all committees in accordance with ABA rules/regulations and the best interest of the organization.  Also hold primary responsibility for ABA communication and administrative responsibilities.  Current track operators commit to the following:

            *  Following ABA rules and regulations to the best of their knowledge and ability
            *  Managing Cortez BMX funds with transparency and accountability with the
                        involvement of the board.
            *  Fulfilling ABA administrative responsibilities in an organized and timely manner
            *  Monthly communication with board
            *  Promoting positive relationships with the city, local organizations, board                                                 members, parents, and other track operators
            *  Supporting, promoting and showing appreciation for parent involvement
            *  Running races and providing training when possible/necessary
            *  Overseeing committee function and providing support as needed.

Section 3: Terms and Elections
Elections for officers shall be held at the conclusion of the racing season. The duration of a term will be one calendar year.

Section 4: Removal or Resignation
If a board position becomes vacant the president shall appoint a replacement.  A board member may be removed from office by a majority vote from the board.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1:  Monthly board meetings
Track operator shall announce regular monthly meetings.  Meetings shall be held one time per month on a schedule determined by the board.  Official meeting minutes shall be recorded and posted in track documentation for review.  At least three members must be in attendance for any official votes.  Members must be present to vote.

Section 2:  Order of business for board meetings
1) Sign In
2) Review previous meeting minutes
3) Track Operator financial report
4) Unfinished business
5) Board member reports
6) New business
7) Next meeting date

Section 3:  Member meetings
There shall be a minimum of two voting member meetings held per calendar year.  One member-voting meeting shall be held at the beginning of the season in order to propose and/or adopt changes to Cortez BMX bylaws.  A second voting member meeting shall be held at the end of the season in order to elect board members.

Article VII:  Code of Conduct

  1. Follow all Cortez City Park rules and regulations
  2. No alcohol or drugs
  3. No offensive language or behavior
  4. Enforce all ABA rules and regulations including wearing helmets
  5. All rules will be strictly enforced
  6. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may be grounds for suspension or termination of membership.


Article VIII:  Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by majority member vote at the first member meeting of each calendar year.