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610 Yakima Ave
Moses Lake WA 98837
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Track Operator:
Jeff Niehenke
509-ninenine 8-0100
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How to get started Q&A

How do we get started?

1)  Attend a Wednesday night practice.  Here we can show you the track, the starting gate, and cover the basics of the sport.  Practices are Wednesday evenings at 7pm. 

2) Rider must be in pants, long sleeves, and closed toe shoes.  Any bike and helmet will work to start.

3) Ready to hit the ground running, then show up at a Race on Sarurdays at 10am. Or Friday nights at 7pm in summer.   We offer a First Time Free Trial race and can provide Bike and Helmet as well.  See the gals at registration in the tower and they will direct you to a coach to get an introduction and gear inspection.  

4) After your “Free FIRST TIME Race” you need to purchase $80 annual membership next time you arrive or at  and print a temporary card until your permanent one arrives in the mail.  $40 for balance bike, and $10 discount for 2nd, and 3rd riders in family.  This membership is good at any track in USA or Canada.

5) Watch “New Rider” video here It explains the racing transfer system used for races. Watch the “Live Moto” video to learn how to read the race program for each race night.

6) see the schedule or coaching section to get signed up for weekly clinics.  Our certified coaches can ensure the sport is as enjoyable and fun as can be.


My child is under 5 years old and cannot ride a bike yet, is there a toddler track?

Balance bikes race the last half of the track and cannot use the gate. Please see the balance bike section for more info.   


My Child is scared of the starting gate?

This is very common and we can start them below the gate during the race, or they can start above the gate and roll over it after it has dropped.  Riders can have their rear tire held by an adult to help balance through the age of 6.  We have a new starting gate that is now spring driven to prevent injuries unlike the older pneumatic driven gate. 


Can I rent a bike?

Yes! We have a rental bike fleet $10 per day, payment upon arrival. The rental bikes are free to use with the ONE DAY FREE trial. However, we highly recommend purchasing your helmet ASAP. Please inquire at track or with a coach about the correct size bike and equipment needed to purchase. Please ask before buying, we are happy to guide you in the right direction.  Knowing your correct size helmet and bike frame size is a very important part of every athletes entry into this sport.


What is required to wear for riding?

Helmet (full face required), LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, LONG PANTS, closed toe SHOES for all riders including balance bikes. (All other Protective gear recommended but not mandatory)


I hear BMX racing is dangerous like motocross?

All sports contain a certain level risk, and BMX is no different.  It is much safer than motocross and typical injuries are scrapes and bruises from crashing.  Beginner riders very rarely sustain an injury any worse than this and major injuries are extremely rare. In 2022 we had 1400 racers on the track with 1 concussion at the state qualifier race.  If Medical insurance is a concern in case of an injury we do offer practice and race insurance for a very reasonable cost.


Can I ride my own bike?

Yes! Make sure to remove kick stands, pegs and reflectors PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. All bikes must have an operational brake and be safety approved by the new rider coach prior to track use. MTB are acceptable to ride on the track too. Absolutely NO training wheels allowed. If the athlete does not know how to ride a bike without training wheels then balance bike is the best solution until they are ready to hit the pedal bikes.  We have extra small micro size race bikes to rent to help the jump to pedals.


When is the track open to train and race?

The Track is a city park and as such open to the public during daylight hours Practices are typically Wednesday evening at 7am.  Races are typically Saturday mornings with reg at 10 & Racing at 11 during spring and fall.  During summer break races are typically Friday nights at 7pm.   See the schedule tab for accurate event info.


Are there coaches?

Yes! We have licensed coaches that hold paid clinics.  See the coaches section for more info.