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Circle City BMX Map

Westgate Park - 100 Recreation Rd
Dothan AL 36305
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Track Operator:
Travis Roettgen
Shawn Wheeler
[email protected]

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About Circle City BMX

Circle City BMX is sanctioned under the USA BMX American Bicycle Association and has been located in Dothan since 1984. The track is operated by the nonprofit organization The Circle City BMX Parent's and Rider's Association and operates year round.

Circle City BMX is one of the fastest track in Alabama. It is a wide 1147-foot long downhill track with a crossover. All three turns are paved and the track is not crazy lipped. We keep this track covered when not in use to preserve its condition with minimal maintenance requirements. So when you come to race you can expect a well groomed and cared for racing surface. It is smooth without any rocks - just good ole' Alabama red clay.

Circle City BMX Pricing
Practice Fee: $3 per rider *
Single Point Race Fee: $12 per rider, per class
Double Point Race Fee: $25 per rider, per class
Triple Point Race Fee: $35 per rider, per class
Helmet and bike rental is included in the practice and/or race fee!
USA BMX Membership Info (Effective April 1st 2013)
NOTE: Memberships are required for all riders to participate at Circle City BMX per USA BMX sanction rules.
Annual Membership Fees:
First family member - $80 **
Strider - $40
Other Options for Riders New to the Sport:
One Day Membership Fee: FREE (for first time riders only)

** Primary (first family member) membership subscribers will receive a free annual subscription to the premier BMX Racing magazine "PULL"
Riding Gear Requirements
Per USA BMX sanction requirements, all riders are required to wear proper safety gear which consists of long sleeves, long pants, and a full-faced helmet. Short sleeves and riding shorts may be worn only if elbows pads and shin guards are worn also. Fully enclosed shoes must also be worn.

BMX Bike Requirements
The following items must be removed from each BMX bike before it can be allowed on the track due to posing a possible safety hazard: all reflectors/reflector brackets, chain guards, kickstands, and axle pegs. Additionally, each BMX bike needs to ensure the handlebar ends are covered by the grip/grip plugs and that the wheel axles do not protrude any farther than 1/4" from the frame.

Nobody sits the bench in BMX so join the fun today!!