Thank You For Being With Us For a Great Year in 2022! We'll See You In The Spring!


Volunteers Needed!

Woodland BMX may be closed for the 2022 season, but we are doing great things to get us ready for the 2023 Season! This Winter we are working with our new Track Operators to get Woodland back up and running. Our Board of Directors and fantastic group of Volunteers are working hard to make certain we have everything ready. If you are interested in supporting Woodland BMX on key committees, please follow us on Facebook, PM us or email at: [email protected]!

Sponsors Needed!

Do you own a business or are a team or family that just wants to support the great Family Fun offered at Woodland BMX?  Woodland BMX Parents Organization is a registered non profit organization and always looking for support!  Please think of helping with a tax free donation! Call us at 401-702-2BMX (401-702-2269) or email us at [email protected] . Our great volunteer organizers will handle any questions you may have!


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See You In the Spring!