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Track Operator:
Addam Parker
David McDonald
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Hampton BMX Volunteers Association, Inc

Hello Membership, 

It is with great pleasure we announce that our Non-Profit articles of Incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State and our Non-Profit Corporation, Hampton BMX Volunteers Association, Inc. is now active.

Below you'll find officers duties and names.  Hampton BMX also has twelve (12)  members at Large.  Directors need not be residents of the State of Virginia.

Officers and Duties: The Officers of the Corporation shall be, but not limited to, a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Track Operator, and Clerk of Course.  All Officers, except the President, may hold two (2) offices concurrently. Their duties are as follows:

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership, and the Board of Directors, function as a member of the board and represent the consensus of the corporation, when appropriate. As a member of the Board of Directors, the President may vote on matters before the board only to resolve a tie vote. The President's responsibility to cast a tie-breaking vote may not be delegated by position or proxy.

Vice President: The Vice-President shall assist the President and perform the duties of the President (exclusive of tie-breaking vote) in the absence of that Officer. The Vice-President shall also act as the program coordinator for general publicity of the Corporations activities. This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and other transactions/correspondence of the Corporation, provide a written report at general membership meetings, insure arrangements are made for general membership meeting site, and prepare all correspondence to include ensuring timely notification of schedule meetings. This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive all monies of the Corporation; keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay upfront as authorized by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is responsible for assuring the propriety of all fundraising activities and contractual agreement, presenting a written report of account at general membership meeting is and preparing a full report for audit each January. This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings

Track Operator: It is the responsibility of the Track Operator to have the track “race” ready and safe for the riders. He/she shall arrange for the equipment necessary to conduct a race and the personnel to run the event (display sponsor banners, moto sheets, loaner bikes, helmets, etc). He is required to help establish and maintain the timetable of events. He will enlist and organize an official and volunteer staff in number that are commensurate with the size of the event.

Clerk of Course: Will serve as Clerk of Course responsible for all track race day administrative needs, registration, Moto writing, race scheduling & reports, new and renewal of rider license (membership/applications). He/she will send the TORF (Track Operator Reporting Form) to USABMX office within three (3) business days of the race. He/she will serve as point of contact for all administrative needs with USABMX.  

2021-2022 Hampton BMX Board of Directors

President - David McDonald

Vice President - SB Smith

Track Operator - Addam Parker

Treasurer - Joshua Smith

Secretary/Clerk - Susan Petrehn





Thank you,

Hampton BMX