The Responsibilities and Duties:



  1. President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership, and the Board of Directors, function as a member of the board and represent the consensus of the corporation, when appropriate. As a member of the Board of Directors, the President may vote on matters before the board only to resolve a tie vote. The President's responsibility to cast a tie-breaking vote may not be delegated by position or proxy.


  1. Vice President: The Vice-President shall assist the President and perform the duties of the President (exclusive of tie-breaking vote) in the absence of that Officer. The Vice-President shall also act as the program coordinator for general publicity of the Corporations activities. This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings.


  1. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and other transactions/correspondence of the Corporation, provide a written report at general membership meetings, ensure arrangements are made for the general membership meeting site, and prepare all correspondence to include ensuring timely notification of scheduled meetings. The Secretary is responsible for all track race day administrative needs, registration, Moto writing, race scheduling & reports, new memberships, and renewal of rider’s license (membership/applications). He/she will send the TORF (Track Operator Reporting Form) to the USABMX office within four (4) business days of the race. He/she will serve as a point of contact for all administrative needs with USA BMX.  This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings. 


  1. Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive all monies of the Corporation; keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and pay upfront as authorized by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is responsible for assuring the propriety of all fundraising activities and contractual agreement, presenting a written report of account at general membership meeting, and preparing a full report for audit each January. This position carries the right to vote at all board meetings.


  1. Track Operator: It is the responsibility of the Track Operator to have the track “race” ready and safe for the riders. He/she shall arrange for the equipment necessary to conduct a race and the personnel to run the event (display sponsor banners, moto sheets, loaner bikes, helmets, etc.). He is required to help establish and maintain the timetable of events. He will enlist and organize an official and volunteer staff in number that are commensurate with the size of the event.


  1. All officers are responsible to advise and assist the Board of Directors on matters supporting the corporation's stated purposes. Each officer will deliver to their successor all materials unique to that office within 15 days after leaving office. 


  1. A board member will be elected as the President of the Parents Association to ensure that the decisions made by the Association have a board vote. 



  1. Committees: Members at large


  1. Clerk:
  • Ordering trophies, stamps, stamp cards, any office/registration materials such as new rider manuals, flyers, copy paper, printer ink, paper plates, etc.
  • Making sure all of registration side is clean and organized to function efficiently during events.
  • The Go-To person regarding racing info; how to get started racing, how to help volunteer, etc. (people can also be deferred to others such as track operator or pres./VP to answer questions)
  • Make sure that all necessary items are in Square and priced accordingly.
  • Check that all office supplies are stocked for the next event.


  1. Concessions Manager:
  • Make grocery lists after every event.
  • Fully stock concessions every event.
  • Organize and clean area to operate legally and efficiently.
  • Grocery shop.
  • Set up and close down every race.
  • Ideas for new foods, or special menu items.



  1. Other important tasks that can be divided: Members at large
  • Recruiting race day volunteers.
  • Available for taking on either clerk duties or concessions duties as a back up.
  • advertising/marketing including all social media platforms.
  • Getting people involved in conversations on social media (making sure posts are shared and interacted with)
  • Ideas for fundraising and pursuing the fundraiser.
  • Getting track sponsors.
  • Physically interacting with race day attendance and getting people excited about races and events.
  • Getting flyers in 7 cities schools.
  • Arrange lock-ins.
  • Ideas for special awards.
  • Maintaining all loaner bikes to make sure each one is working properly.
  • Videography-photos and/or videos of each rider (this will help tremendously with end of year awards ;))
  • What makes Hampton BMX stand out?  Why is Hampton BMX great? How do we keep it great? How can we raise rider count/moto count?
  • We need to get the State Final back, what should we do to ensure that?
  • Community involvement to get Hampton BMX exposure? Hold food/toy drives for shelters? Get parents and riders involved with it all!
  • Get the news channels out to the track to let people know we are here and that ANYONE can race!
  • Summer Sizzlin series.
  • List of things the track NEEDS, i.e., gravel, mulch, asphalt, LED lighting, etc.
  • Get a float in holiday parades?
  • Make sure sponsor banners are out every race.
  • Make sure porta johns are sufficient.