HUGE Thanks to all the volunteers that came out tonight to repair the track from the recent rains.


Special shout out to Thomas Croley that came out to manicure the lawn all day.

While out here tonight we realized how fortunate Hampton BMX is to have the volunteer base that we have. While you may not be here every single weekend or weeknight, your here a few times a month helping in every which way. For that we are grateful.


To show our gratitude and appreciation we are hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Night tonight (5/25/2016) for those that give their time to our program. (The track is sweet!)  Come out for Pizza, sodas, and Gate practice Wednesday night for a volunteer exclusive evening. Please message us letting us know if you can make it as we will be ordering pizza and don't want to leave anyone out. If your new or in question, please message us and we will get back to you.

While your here, if need help with certain areas of the track, just ask Bobby and he'll help you out the best he can. .


Track will be closed to the public and open to the volunteers and family during this time.


We will have regular gate practice Thursday night.


Thank you again to all of our volunteers! We wouldn't be Hampton BMX without you!