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Britton DeWeese

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Getting Started at Shelby Farms BMX

USA BMX Membership

For Insurance purposes, all riders have to have a USA BMX Membership to ride the track.  However, we can sign you up for a one day free membership so your rider can try things out.  Memberships can be purchased online at or at the track registration window.



One Day Trial Membership


Strider & 30 Day Trial Membership


Strider Upgrade to Full Member & Trial Conversion to Full Member


First Family Member


Second Family Member


Third Family Member


The best place to keep up to date about track activities is through our Facebook page “Shelby Farms BMX”.  We list our schedule monthly and give updates due to weather and such. The season runs from Jan 1st to Dec 15th, so it is pretty much year-round.  We try to have two races a week on Tuesdays and Saturday/Sunday, with a practice day on Thursdays.  


It cost $12 to race and $5 to practice (there is a practice time before each race that is included in the race fee).  Just as an FYI we are a Non-Profit and all income goes back into the track.  

Safety Gear

The track requires long pants, long sleeve shirt and a full-face helmet.  We also recommend gloves.  We have loaner helmets on hand that they can use till you decide on one.  Also, we have a mobile bike shop "Wheeler Dealer" that is normally on site that can supply everything from gloves to bikes.  

The Bike

Novice riders (beginners) can ride any bike they would like on the track as long as it has the reflectors and kickstand removed. However, I would suggest they start out on a racing bike.  They are lighter and have a different geometry and gearing as compared to neighborhood bikes.  We have loaner bikes that they can use initially.  Once you guys decide that this sport is for you (and you will), I can supply a guide on picking and sizing a bike.  

Getting Started

I would suggest coming out on a Thursday for practice or showing up at the beginning of registration (there is practice during registration) on a race day.  In my opinion, there really isn't a lot of practice they will need before actually racing.  It is common for kids to come to one practice session and then race in the next race.   

First Race

- Go to the registration window to sign your rider up.  You will need their USA BMX membership number

- You will need to put a number plate on the bike.  As a newcomer, the rider’s number will be the last three digits of their membership number.  We have temporary number plates at registration that you can zip tie onto a bike

- Once registration ends, we will post moto sheets on the track moto board.  You can't miss it, as there will be horde of riders gathered around to see their race. You will want to find your rider’s race so you will know what moto (race) they are in and ensure there are no errors.  This is super straight forward but can be a little overwhelming the first time.  Please feel free to grab me or any bystander and have them show you how it works.  If you would like to read up ahead of time, this is a good explanation about how it works.  How to Read a BMX Moto Sheet |

- Once you know your rider’s moto you will want to listen for them to call their moto in staging.  Someone will be at the top of the starting hill calling the moto number, the rider’s names and telling them what lane they will be in. 

Other information

Additionally, the USABMX website has a great “About” page that gives a great overview of the sport and what to expect.  USA BMX / BMX CANADA - The Sport


We are more than happy to answer any questions.  The quickest and easiest way to contact a member of the SFBMX team is to IM our Facebook account.