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876 Spears St.
Columbus IN 47201
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Track Operator:
Andrew Yoder
[email protected]

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Common Questions:

1. How can I help?

  • Be sure to get to the registration window before the end time. Yes, this past Saturday was extended but it’s not normally like that. Know your rider’s plate number. 
  • Parents can take turns running the gate during practice before races and during weekly practices. This helps keep one person from getting stuck up there the entire 2 hour practice or time prior to races. 
  • During, make sure your rider is in staging and ready to go at least 5 motos prior to theirs. 
  • After races, pick up trash and tie up trash bags as well. 

2. Can balance bike parents help run the gate? 

  • Absolutely! This is a great time for parents to learn what the future holds for your child on pedals as well as relieves some stress from others. 

3. Who runs this place? 

  • The track is run by volunteers. There is a Board of Directors, but we are not enough to make this track run smoothly as we strive for. We need everyone. All hands on deck before, during and after races as well as during practices (taking turns running the gate), and during work days.
  • Also, we need everyone helping find and lock in sponsors for banners, t-shirts, and more. Ask how you can help!

4. Can we race at other tracks too?

  • You sure can! We encourage you too. Getting your child out and about at other tracks will only make them a stronger rider. With your membership you can ride on any track in the USA and Canada. Not sure how to find tracks or if others are going? Ask us! Lots of us travel around and it’s a blast!

5. Do we need to buy a number plate? 

  • Short answer is no, but we cannot provide a paper plate every week.
  • Better answer? Yes, you should. It’s easier to read and it lasts longer. Plate numbers change each year and the numbers peel off so the plate can be used over and over. 

6. How much is bike rental?

  • We rent track bikes for $5 each use. It’s a first come, first serve system. 

7. Why is my 9 year old racing with 11 year olds? 

  • We have no control over how the system groups riders. If there are not at least 3 riders from a class (example: 3 7-year-old-Novices) then they will be grouped with other riders. It’s just the way it falls and we can’t change it unfortunately. 

8. Will there be new merch? 

  • Of course! We will be working on that ASAP. Also, track jersey info should go out soon!!

9. How do I read a moto sheet? See below. 


How to Read a Moto Sheet 


We are so excited for all the new faces! Moto sheets can be tricky until you get the hang of them. Here is your crash course:


1. Look for the rider’s class first (age and proficiency).  If it is a smaller race, your child may race up in either age or proficiency.

2. This is how many “racks” of that class are racing. Be mindful of this because these groups could combine and change the moto number. 

3. This will let you know who transfers to the main event. 

  • Total Points - rider will race all 3 rounds
  • 2-3 to main - round 1 the first two transfer, round 2 the first 3 transfer
  • 2 to combine - First two round 1 transfers and then the rest combine with the other rack of that group.

4. How many riders are in that class of riders. 

5. This is super important! This is the moto number. Your child needs to know and remember their moto number. This is the order in which the races are held. PS - Balance bikes are normally 1-3, BUT we do all balance bike rounds between rounds 1 and 2 of pedal bikes. So, if you are moto 3 or 4 and on pedal bikes, you’re probably the first moto of the night. 

6. This column is where you need to make sure the rider’s plate number is correct. Is your child running their state plate but you forgot to tell registration? This could cause a huge problem with scoring. If the correct plate number or no plate at all is on the bike, the rider will not be scored. 

7. This is the type of plate: state, district, Gold Cup, NAG, etc. 

8. This is the rider’s class. This becomes interesting at smaller races when a 7 Novice may race a 6 Intermediate class. 

9. Pay attention: this is just as important as the moto number. This is the gate the rider is to be placed in during that round of moto.