Four weeks to choose from. June 10-14, June 24-28, July 8-12, July 22-26

Our summer camps are for all ages and all levels of BMX proficiency. Please pre-pay the Coach for the perspective week they are teaching.

All Camps are 9am-4pm M-F

Please bring athletes prepared with: Appropriate race BMX bike, flat pedals, long sleeve shirt, long pants, full face helmet, closed toe shoes, , change of clothes, half helmet and a cooler of drinks and food to last the entire day.

June 10-14, Coach Casas 954-559-3160, paypal $200 to

June 24-28, Coach Lammoglia 407-928-8966 paypal $200 to

July 8-12, Coach Moore, 919-525-4135 

July 22-26, Coach Sebesta, 512-508-5001 paypal $350 to