We are not totally back into NORMAL under any circumstances

However, we were excited to be able to schedule a training camp series for the remainder of the summer.

July 20-24 - Coach Casas  $120 for the week, Monday-Friday 9am-12pm Sign up here

July 27-31 - Coach Lammoglia SOLD OUT

August 3-7 - Coach Tanner Sebesta from Austin TX $120 for the week, Monday- Friday 9am-12 pm Sign up here


5 Days of Training, Monday-Friday 9am-12pm- $120 for the week

All ages, all proficiencies allowed
Preregistration required, only 20 spots available
Only full week registrations permitted at this time. If there are still openings the weekend before camp we will consider daily rate commitments.

Social distancing- we will not tolerate anyone not capable of managing their personal space appropriately.  *Being open is a privilege*. This is a learning environment and anyone who is unable to conduct themselves in a professional manner will be asked to leave and will NOT be permitted to return.

Proper attire- long sleeves, long pants full face helmet. Absolutely no sharing of equipment, tools, food or beverages. Bring a change of clothes. Bring running shoes for off track training. 

Proper fuel and hydration- everyone must be prepared to fuel and hydrate for 4 hours in extreme heat.  Fresh fruit, healthy snacks and a personal cooler with lots of ice and chilled beverages to keep your core temperature down.  This is an outdoor athletic event, water with electrolytes are highly recommended.

Drop off is 9am pick up at 12pm sharp.  Arrive dressed and bike prepped and prepared to train upon arrival.

This event is RAIN OR SHINE everyday.  Coach has workouts for the rain- come prepared, wear appropriate shoes. Use of the buildings on the property in the event there is lightning- please bring face masks “just in case” we have limited indoor space. There are educational videos and lessons that can be learned in the event of foul weather. 

Cell phones and games on phones are not permitted to be used at ANY time during training hours. Athletes with phones only for the purpose to contact parents for pick up may only be used with permission from coach after 11am.

Parents may stay and watch but are highly advised to wear a face mask and also to pack refreshments as you will be required to remain socially distant from everyone except members of their own household.