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535 Park Meadow Road
Westerville OH 43081
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Track Operator:
Chad Buehrer
[email protected]

[email protected]

Maurice Adams

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Use of the Track




For your enjoyment and safety, please obey the following:

  • WARNING: This track is intended for use by persons with BMX (bicycle motocross) type, non-motorized bicycles only! It is the responsibility of the user to properly equip themselves with the necessary safety equipment, clothing and training in order to safely utilize this unsupervised facility.

  • CAUTION: Riding with others present is recommended in case of injury.

  • The BMX area is unsupervised, and participants ride at their own risk. Persons not riding are prohibited from using the BMX track.

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for supervising their children.

  • Proper protective equipment such as helmets, long sleeves or elbow pads, long pants or knee pads, and closed toe shoes should be used during riding activities. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that equipment is in good working condition.

  • Personally owned ramps, boxes or other devices may NOT be brought into the facility.

  • For the safety of all riders, the track should only be ridden in one direction (from the starting hill to the finish line)

  • Do not stop on the track if other riders are present.  Complete your entire lap or move to the infield of the track.

  • Inspect the premises before use to make sure it is safe and remove debris that could interfere with the safe use of this facility. Do not use this area if a hazard exists and contact the Parks Department at (614) 901-6543

  • Unauthorized motorized equipment is NOT allowed in the park (Remote Control/RC vehicles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, etc.)

  • Graffiti, tagging, littering, or defacing of Park property is prohibited and may result in the closure of the facility.

  • Glass objects and containers are not allowed in the riding area.

  • No smoking inside the track area.

  • No drugs or alcohol.




The facility will be open to the public during normal park hours whenever there are no sanctioned events scheduled.  A schedule of sanctioned events can be found here.  Sanctioned events are subject to change so please follow the Westerville BMX Facebook page for last minute updates or changes to the event schedule.


The track surface will be sprayed with an environmentally safe track glue that provides a surface barrier and stabilizes the soil, providing a smooth and safe surface for racing.  Riding the track while it is wet will damage that barrier and make it unsafe for other riders and potentially lead to further erosion of the surface until it can be repaired.  The Westerville BMX Track surface will be paid for Gates At Eight and maintained by a group of Program Volunteers.  Please respect their hard work and respect other community members who want to have the opportunity use the track safely.

How do I know if it is too wet? If there is standing water on the track, or your tires leave a rut (an indentation in the surface), the track is too wet.



  • Be courteous to other riders and park users.
  • This is your BMX track. Protect it from vandalism. Help to preserve it.
  • Be considerate of our neighbors. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Have fun!