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Tanglewood BMX Map

4061 Clemmons Rd
Clemmons NC 27012
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Track Operator:
Braden Romer

[email protected]

Braden Romer

Braden Romer

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Two classifications of bikes:

  • BMX: Any bike that has a wheel size of 20" or less.
  • Cruiser: Any bike that has a wheel size of 22" or more.

No kickstands, no reflectors, no chain guard, no metal fenders.

You need to have long pants, long sleeve shirt, full face helmet, and gloves are recommended, but not required.

  • Moto: A one lap race, 3 motos make a race.
  • Moto Board: A place where the moto sheets are displayed.
  • Moto Sheets: Sheets placed on the Moto Board that defines the races, contains the moto number, rider's name, bike number, class, and age.
  • Staging: An area prior to the starting hill where riders are arranged in the motos.
  • Starting Hill: This is where the gate and the races (motos) begin.
  • Gate: Riders line up in the gate where a cadence begins, then the gate drops and the race (moto) begins.

  • Practice Fee $5.00
  • Saturday: One Bike (Single Points)- $10.00- Awards given through top 3 positions
  • Summer Series: Monday Races- $5.00 - Ribbons Only
  • Membership (Good for one year at all USA BMX tracks)-$60.00(discounts apply when signing additional family members) (membership covers 2 bikes (both class and cruiser) 
  • One Day Free Trial Membership - one free race to try BMX