Its banquet time!! Not really the type of Season Awards banquet we have been holding but in this weird and crazy time we didn't want to chance waiting until January to find out large gatherings indoors is a no go and be trying this in the dead of winter. So, here we are. Banquet this Sunday AT THE TRACK. Bikes welcome but 1st straight will be closed!

Event starts at Noon, setup before then is recommended. We will begin food service at noon and the awards presentation by 1pm.

Families and teams can set up pits and tents as if it were a race day
• Event will be catered so no need to bring dish or side item for banquet
• We do ask that you bring some drinks and dessert items to share or add to the buffet
• Awards will be given out to top riders in each age group (top 10 of riders completing 5 or more races at Richmond BMX) as well as overall track champions
Everyone should have received an email from Gary Craig last week with an ask to RSVP but in case you did not please use this form to do so: CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Now, on to the points tabulation...... You may see the top 10 ranking on our website here, but that is a little incorrect. At least for the purpose of identifying our Track Champions. For our Season Awards, as we have done since 2014, we use a flat point scale across all proficiencies as compared to District points which are weighted Experts highest, then Inter, then Novice. We assign a fixed point (1st = 100, 2nd = 80, 3rd = 60, 4th = 50,5th = 40, 6th = 30, 7th = 20, 8th = 10 and non-main makers = 1 point). No double or triple points like district points. Same scale regardless of proficiency or district multipliers.

With this approach we identify the best performing riders against who they are grouped with on a week in and week out basis. It rewards higher participate over higher proficiency. And, we feel, is the true measure of the Track Champion.

Each age group champion receives a custom plaque and the rest of the top 10 receive personalized certificates all custom designed by RVA BMX volunteers. Age group champions (1st place) not completing at least 10 races and not being Richmond BMX home track riders receive alternate framed certificate award.

Track Champions are grouped as Boys/Men Cruiser, Boys/Men Class, Girls/Women Cruiser, and Girls/Women Class. We recognize the top three with custom hand built awards by your very own TO Gary Craig.

We cap it off with some special recognition awards for those that really stood out this year at Richmond BMX!