Richmond BMX is excited to kick off the second of 3 rounds in 2017 of our very successful NEW RIDER HOLESHOT PROGRAM.

This is a weekly skills clinic running for 6 weeks which is designed to teach new riders of all ages the basic skills that will help them become a more skilled and confident BMX racer. The clinic will run Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM starting with the first group to start May 31st. Cost for the entire program is $75 per rider and that INCLUDES a full USABMX membership (normal cost $60)

Participants are expected to have mastered basic riding skills including being able to mount their bicycle, begin pedaling, ride a distance and stop and dismount without assistance. It is also recommended that the rider be able to complete a lap on the track without assistance and be able to stand and pedal.

Instructors will cover topics on and off the track and at the completion of the course riders will have learned the following:

- Basic Riding Skills – Correct body posture and pedal stroke
- Gate Starts – Everything from one footed starts to balancing in the gate.
- Turn skills – Best line, passing and defensive lines.
- Jumps – Everything from how to get over a jump safely to the basics of manually and jumping.
- Race Management and Strategy – In race stratigies for passing and maintaining positions on the track.
- Sportsmanship – What it means to be a BMX’er. Winning and losing like a champion.- What are the parts of the bike and how to verify their bike is safe.
- How to perform basic maintenance on their race bike
- Race Day – What is a moto? Staging, transfers and all the other race day stuff you didn’t think to ask.
- BMX Rules – Covering the basics of the USA BMX rulebook
- Warm up exercise riders should perform before every riding session

All this and more will be covered over the six weeks. After completing this program riders will have all the basic skills and knowledge necessary to become a winning BMX’er! 

Sign-ups limited to the first 12 riders. Sign up with Gary at the track during practice or race events or via email at