There is always so much work that goes into preparing for a large event like Sunday. Its starts months before with scheduling trying to find that ideal date that has minimal conflicts with nearby events, fits into the overall park schedules, is a good weather chance.

Then as the event comes closer, the early prep and planning for the event. Stocking up on supplies, ordering awards, planning setups and event flow.

Race week, the prep goes into full gear. Making sure the entire facility is prepped. Grass cutting, painting, final repairs/improvements. Day before, its all about track prep, for sure easier now than before but we still invest several hours into preparing the racing surface so its as close to flawless as possible. 

RACE DAY!! 6am at the track starting final setup for the day, try to ignore the weather forecasts we have an event to host. Organize 20+ volunteers, every one of them donating their time and efforts to the track to make the day an exceptional experience for all. The VOLUNTEERS are what make this all happen. The planning, organization, prep is all for nothing without these people.

I personally want to thank each and every person that helped us make yesterday an amazing success. I believe we showcased what makes Richmond BMX so unique, both on and off the track!

Cheers to you all! Now that we have that event behind us, lets really blow the top off this thing and MAKE BMX GREAT!!

Your forever thankful TO,