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12705 Balm Boyette Rd
Riverview FL 33579
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Track Operator:
Nathan Flach
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[email protected]

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Bike and Safety Equipment


1. Each bicycle must have a number plate with the last three numbers of a rider's number or earned state, national or world number. The number plate must be clean with numbers approximately 3” high.  2. Every bicycle must be equipped with two wheels of matching size.The wheels on a 20"bicycle must have tires with an inflated diameter not exceeding 22.5". The wheels of a cruiser must have tires with an inflated diameter greater than 22.5".
3. All bicycles must be in good condition, without cracked frames, bald tires, loose or missing spokes, broken pedals, loose chains or other obvious defects.
4. A girls or boys bicycle may be used.
5. Motocross-style handlebars not exceeding 28.5" in width should be equipped with grips that completely cover the bar ends. Sleeves, plugs, or other devices used to extend the bar width are prohibited unless they are securely welded to the handlebars.
6. All bikes are required to have seats firmly attached, and must be with metal or other impenetrable underbase in such a manner as to preclude the post from penetrating the seat.
7. Kick stands, reflectors and chain guards must be removed.
8. Axles protruding more than 1/4" beyond the axle nuts must be covered. All pegs or other sharp ends must be covered.
9. All bicycles must be equipped with operable rear braking system.
10. Quick release arm must be taped or safely wired in the lock position.


1. Helmets must be properly worn and secured with a permanently attached chin strap while on the track. The helmet must be full face or have a mouth guard (Joffa).
2. Elbows must always be covered and protected. Long sleeved shirts are a must!. Elbow pads are recommended for asphalt, concrete and wood courses.
3. Knees must always be covered or protected. Pants should be made of heavy material (i.e. denim) or manufactured racing pants. Knee pads are recommended for asphalt, concrete and wood courses. Loose pant legs must be wrapped, tied or clipped.
4. Shoes with soft soles to grip pedal.
5. Gloves, socks, knee, shin and elbow pads are highly recommended.