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2715 NW Park Drive
Blue Springs MO 64015
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Track Operator:
Ben Harves
[email protected]

Justin Penney
Curtis Witt

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Private Track Rental Policy


Blue Springs BMX is available for private rental for parties, training, or private coaching. The rate for a rental is $100 per hour.

A private rental is defined as renting the track for a specific time for a specific group of people. The track can be used for any safe purpose, including but not limited to:

  1. Private party
  2. Training
  3. Coaching
  4. Public clinic
  5. Meeting

You may charge for attendance to your private event. Blue Springs BMX will NOT be responsible for accepting money for attending a private event. 

Blue Springs BMX will NOT promote any private events in person, via public announcement, via social media, or any other form of media or communication. All promotion of any private event is the responsibility of the renter. 

Conditions of Private Rental

  1. Blue Springs BMX may refuse to provide a rental for ANY reason including but not limited to availability of board members to attend, track conditions, weather, facilities conditions, emergency, unsafe actions, threatening actions, and so on.
  2. Scheduling will be coordinated via messaging the track on Facebook, not other contact will confirm a rental!
  3. All riders are expected to have a valid USABMX membership
  4. Non-members/one-day trial memberships will be available on a case-by-case basis, this must be coordinated in advance via messaging on Facebook
  5. Loaner gear is NOT available unless coordinated in advanced. On-site board members may, at their discretion, provide loaner gear
  6. Any loaner gear is not to leave the fenced in area of the track
  7. A minimum of 2 Blue Springs BMX board members will be on site at all times
  8. 1 hour minimum rental time
  9. Additional time in 1 hour increments with the total time agreed upon prior to arrival via messaging on Facebook
  10. The track will be cleaned and prepped for riding
  11. The starting gate will be on and a remote control available
  12. A board member will run the gate, they may delegate this task to another adult on site 
  13. Renters are expected to bring their own drinks and food if needed, concessions will not be open
  14. Renters are expected to clean up all trash at the conclusion of the rental
  15. Renters will be given 15 minutes after the rental time to clean up and remove their gear from the fenced in area
  16. Blue Springs BMX may cancel any rental due to weather, track, or facilities condition
  17.  A Blue Springs BMX Board Member may end a rental at any time due to:
    1. Intentional damage to Blue Springs BMX facilities or property
    2. Failure to act in a safe manner within the Blue Springs BMX facility. This includes actions on and off track
    3. Threatening, or disrespecting the attending board members
    4. Failure to follow instructions given by board members
    5. Any other action deemed by the attending board members to not promote a safe environment
  18. $50 deposit is required 2 weeks prior to the rental
  19. Long sleeves, long pants, closed-toed shoes, and a helmet are required to be on the track.

Additional Items for Birthday Parties

As birthdays are special events, the following items apply to birthday parties:

  1. Birthday parties are assumed to be a 2 hour event
  2. Birthday parties are limited to 15 riders with an additional $5 per rider
  3. 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after will be available for setup and cleanup
  4. The child celebrating their birthday will receive a Blue Springs BMX birthday trophy
  5. At least one person for the party must have an existing USABMX membership