Double Points; $26 (includes convenience fee) 


Sign-Ups will CLOSE at 9AM Saturday 7/18 ***ALL registrations will be done online***

We will post motos at by NOON on 7/18 If there are any corrections they need to be emailed to by 3:00PM. NO EXCEPTIONS

Based on the number of riders we will create a block racing schedule for Sunday's event.

The expected schedule is as follows:

Block 1
practice 8:00AM-8:30AM
racing starts at 8:45AM

Block 2
practice 10:30AM-11AM
racing starts at 11:15AM

Block 3
Practice 1-1:30PM
Racing starts at 1:45PM

All updates will be posted to our Facebook event.

No shows will not get any credit for the race. A rider's wheel must touch the gate for the race to count.

Participants are asked to please not arrive until their block of racing and please leave the park at the completion of their block of racing. If you have riders that cross over blocks we understand that you will need to stay.

Spectators will be limited inside the fenced-in area. You can come in to watch your rider then we ask that you quickly exit so the next spectators can come in.

There is plenty of grassy area in the park to spread yourselves out.

We will have the races on Facebook live so that you can follow along from your pit. Your family and friends will be able to follow along from home.

We are not able to have concessions at this time so please plan accordingly.

As of 7/1/2020 masks are required in Blue Springs city parks, which includes Blue Springs BMX. We will enforce this inside our facility gates. Riders do not need a mask if they keep their helmet on while inside the gate. This mandate is set to run for 2 weeks but it is possible that it might be extended to include the date of our event. We will communicate that in our Facebook event as we know it.