Tuesday, August 24th PRACTICE; registration is open. https://www.usabmx.com/tracks/0844/events/schedule
WHEN***Tuesday, 8/24/2021 Practice times will be:
5:30-6:30PM; ** $5; for new riders and novices who are not comfortable on the track just yet.
Online Registration is ENCOURAGED (see *** below). https://www.usabmx.com/tracks/0844/events/schedule
6:30-8:30 **OPEN PRACTICE** $5; Online Registration is ENCOURAGED (see *** below).
Balance Bikes—NOTE there is no practice charge for Balance Bike riders but they must have a membership ($30 annually) and you still have to register them for every event. The Balance Bike track is open 5:30-8:30. They will be allowed on the big track for 1-2 laps every 1/2 hour.
***We have a new online registration system that we are using this year. It will be done from our webpage using the USABMX Local Track Registration format. Online Registration Tutorial...
FOOD & DRINK***Concession will be open with the grill going.
MEMBERSHIP***A current membership is required. If you need to renew you can do that online at https://www.usabmx.com/#&slider1=1
TRY IT FREE***One-Day Trial Memberships are available for first-time riders. This will give the rider a chance to try BMX. We strongly encourage you to come to our 5:30-6:30PM practice spot. We will have volunteers who can walk you thru the basics and get your rider on the track with a buddy. You will need to complete the online form for the date of the event that you will be attending. This is a FREE one-day trial offer. https://www.usabmx.com/trial It will automatically send a copy of the form to the track.
WHAT to WEAR***Long sleeves, long pants, closed-toed shoes, and helmets are required. We do have a limited supply of loaner helmets and bikes.
We are here to help, let us know if you have any questions. We are super excited to see you all at the track!!