Registration for Friday, September 2nd's race is open!!
It's the first Friday, that means MONEY OPENS are BAAAACCCCKKK! You can register for this online or in person (we prefer CASH in person for the Money Open). SIGN UPS CLOSE at 7PM tomorrow!!
**PLEASE NOTE that you do not need to register for PRACTICE on race nights if you are racing (your practice time is included in race registration!!) The PRACTICE item on the registration page is for riders who are ONLY practicing**
So what are Opens...basically it's more practice time on the track. BUT what makes them special is that you get mixed up with riders of all proficiencies and a range of ages. We've broken the groups down to 5 & under-8 year olds; 9-14 year olds and 15 & over. (It does take 3 riders to make a class otherwise we will get bumped to the next group)
The money from the open entry fees goes into a pot that gets paid out based on registered riders. If we have 5 or more riders we pay out to top 3 in each group for the main; 50/30/20. If there are 4 or less riders we payout out 100% to 1st place ONLY.
You can only race OPENS if you register for Class or Cruiser. Opens DO NOT count towards win move-ups AND you do not earn points for Opens. You can use your class bike or your cruiser for Opens.