Blue Springs BMX is turning 40! Come celebrate with us the best way we know how ... RACING!

Saturday May 3rd, 2024 will be a DOUBLE POINTS RACE, Old School Bike Show, AND Old School Open Race!!!

Old School bike show classes:
- 70s Race
- 80-85 Race
- 86-90 Race
- 91-95 Race
- 96-2000 Race
- 01-Present
- Cruiser
- Freestyle
- Best In Show
- Peoples Choice

Bike Show participants, please arrive at 4:00 PM to set up! You must be signed in for the show by 5:30 on May 4th.

Race event: all bikes must have a quill stem from the factory. Your choice to race a class or a cruiser.

Online race registration encouraged in person registration open 4:30 PM to 6 PM if you are on the track you must be registered.

Saturday Schedule:
SIGN UPS-Online registration encouraged; in-person registration open 4:30-6:00PM. Registration CLOSES at 6PM. Everyone must register. If you are on the track, you must be registered.

NEW RIDER/NEW Novice (and anyone who is not racing) Practice: 4:30-5:30PM

BALANCE BIKES; Balance Bike Track practice from 4:30-6:30PM; Balance Bikes on the big track; 6:30-6:40PM. They will race the first 2 laps on the track at the start of racing. (@6:45 Race Start)

PRACTICE; Open Practice 5:30-6:30PM (this is included with your race fee)

RACING; starts @6:45PM

How do I register online?
Online registration link
***if using a mobile device be sure to scroll down until you see calendar***
You will receive a confirmation email when your registration has been submitted successfully. Make sure you get that email. That is your proof of registration.
Online registration tutorial is at

When/Where will Motos be posted?
Motos will be posted by 6:10PM. They will be posted via Live Motos at IF you have a correction you must bring it to the Sign-Up window ***ASAP***
How much does it cost to race/practice:
$30 race fee per bike/$0 for balance bikes. There is a $1 service fee added online. We are a non-profit so this fee is keeping our administrative costs down allowing all funds raised to be used on improvements.

How do I get a discount for multiple classes (class/cruiser/mtb)?
We still offer an *in-person only* discount for multiple classes. Each additional class is $15. With the discount, you will only be able to receive one award for the evening. You can pay full price for each class and receive an award for each class.

Is Concession open?
Concession is OPEN!!! They also have some apparel, bike tubes, number plates, and numbers.
LAST CALL for hot food is after 2nd round!

Do I need a membership and what do I wear?
Valid USA BMX membership required. Long sleeves and long pants, closed-toe shoes, and helmets are required. Trial memberships are available using the form. Complete this prior to coming to the sign-up window. The form will be emailed to the track but you will still need to come to registration.

How do I get loaner equipment?
See us at Sign-Ups. Loaner equipment is first-come, first-serve.

See you at the track!