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Aberdeen Hub Area BMX Map

1111 1st Ave SE
Aberdeen SD 57401
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Track Operator:
Kyle Oswald
[email protected]

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The Beginning 1985!!!

Aberdeen BMX started in the 80's. It was the summer of 1985 and I (kyle oswald) noticed a bunch of dirt work going on 2 blocks from my house. Being that I lived on my bike I was excited to see mounds of dirt for me to ride on. Imagine my excitment when I found out that they were building a BMX track. Mid summer of 1985 marked a new era of BMX racing in the Aberdeen area. Allthough this was not the first or even the second track built in Aberdeen, it was the newest and is still the current facility 20+ years later. The spring of 1986 marked the first full year of racing at the current track with 12 events scheduled. I know what your thinking, ONLY 12!!!!!!. Yes it is true, we raced once a week from June through August. My how things have changed. We now have over 40 events scheduled each year!!!. The track has seen several track directors come and go through the years. I can't thank enough all the directors before me. It takes great dedication and sacrafice to run a BMX program. Even my dad ran the track in the late 80's. When the track opened in 1985 it was then santioned by the USBA until it changed to the ABA. The early 90's saw us roped into the NBL for two years before returning to ABA. As of 2007 Aberdeen is ranked #37th for the longest ran program. (37 out of 265) The early 90's also was when the track received the name Aberdeen Exchange Club BMX. The Exchange Club of Aberdeen assisted the track financially in that time and the name was adopted. But over the years it was modified to Aberdeen Exchange BMX. The Aberdeen track has been very fortunate to host a number of different special events over the years. We run a Race for Life and a state qualifier every year and are choosen periodicly to host the Redline cup qualifier and the State Championship final. Other events that have been in Aberdeen would include the Tri-State shoot out in the early 90's and the Gold Cup Qualifier which is now known as the Redcup. We also host the Dacotah Cup which you can read all about on the Dacotah Cup Page. Our facility.................................. Over the last several years our BMX program has gained some serious momentum which has allowed us to start updating and expanding our facility. Last year we finally finsished a 3 year project of installing lights which enables us to hold night races and don't have to rush to beat nightfall. A new and much larger concession stand was added in 2005 and the old stand was turned into registration. We have a announcing tower with what I think is a pretty impessive PA system. Additional parking was added to the east side of the track in 2002 which more than tripled the parking. The end of the 2012 season left us unvailing our newest and biggest project to date. That would be the 650+ seating grandstands. That along with the old bleachers we have seating for close to 1100 people. And there was not an empty seat during the 2012 state final. Aberdeen set an all time record of 289 riders!!! As we started the 2008 season we purchased a new PRO GATE. This is the same company that supplied the olympics with their starting gate. Once installed we then put concrete down the back side of the starting hill for better staging of riders. The Aberdeen Exchange BMX track is currently sactioned by USABMX and runs events every Thursday and Sunday night from the begining a May through the month of September. The riders range from 3 years old to 40+ years. Moms and Dads, boys and girls theres a wide variety at the track. New riders are welcome any time of the year. Our registration has no deadline. So if you miss the first half of the year you really did not miss anything cause your still welcome to join