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1111 1st Ave SE
Aberdeen SD 57401
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Track Operator:
Kyle Oswald
[email protected]

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Just for Fun

Its not all just about racing.  We offer other fun events other than awesome racing.........

How about a simple game where all you have to do is stay on your pedals. Sure sounds easy. You are sooooooo wrong. 15+ riders put in a very small square like fish in a fish tank. Trying to avoid one another and be the last rider standing in the old school and really fun game of FOOT DOWN. Balance is the key to survival in this quirky little game. It also helps to have a stradegy in mind and maybe you gang up on other riders and sumo them out of the square. The riders can't get enough of this game of survival. Avoid the carnage and you will win the foot down.

I'm sure at one time or another you have been involved in a relay race, right? Have you tried that race with bikes and boxer shorts? Each team has 3 riders per team. This event starts with the team captain at the finish line. When I say go each team grabs a pair of boxers which some are very small and some very large. The rider puts on the boxers and rides the track backwards to their teammate where they take the boxers off and hand them to their teammate like it was a baton. Then they have to repeat the same process and move on to the third teammate. There are total shenanigans when riders try to pass the baton in this fun for all event called: THE BOXER SHORT RACE!!!!!


An event that started few years ago is the PIT BIKE RACE. Take a 20inch bike and throw some 16inch wheels on it and you have a pit bike.. It's an event that amazes you just how fast these bike can go. They also make for a great street bike.