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2023 Team Series Rules

The Hill BMX 2023 Team Competition Rules


1. A team is defined as a group of 4 or more riders that have a current 2023 team roster on file at The Hill BMX.  

2. ALL team riders used on a team sheet MUST wear a JERSEY/SHIRT denoting their TEAM NAME.  

3. A rider can only be listed on 1 team roster at The Hill BMX.  

4. Riders who are added to a team or change teams after the team roster has been turned in must wait 7 DAYS before competing for their new team.  

5. Team entry forms are available in registration before each race.  They must be filled out and the bottom half returned to registration BEFORE RACING BEGINS.    

6. A maximum of 5 riders (4 scorers) must be listed on a team sheet in order to earn points on a race day.  

7. Each team may submit a maximum of two team sheets for any given race, but only the score from their best team sheet will be counted.  

8. A rider may be listed on both of his/her team’s sheets, but it must be for different classes (i.e. Class and Open).  

9. A minimum of two different teams must be submitted for team series points to be awarded for a race, a team with only three riders on a team sheet will be accepted as a team.

10. Each team will keep track of their team points as the main events are run.  Completed team sheets are then submitted to the announcer’s tower at the conclusion of the days races.  

11. Team competitions will only run on weekend races.  


1. The Hill BMX uses the following methods for tie-breaking: (1) the team with the least amount of total point races wins; (2) the best transfer ratio wins.  

2. If any teams are still tied, they will be awarded the same place finish.  

3. Once the competing teams for a particular day are placed in finish order, they will be awarded points as follows:     

    1st – 10 points   3rd – 8 points   5th – 6 points   7th – 4 points   9th – 2 points    

    2nd – 9 points    4th – 7 points   6th – 5 points   8th – 3 points   10th – 1 point

4. On double point race days, points awarded are doubled.  On triple point race days, points are tripled.  


1. Team competition finish order will be announced at the conclusion of the race.  

2. Winning team will have parade lap at the next team competition race.  

3. Any team with ten or more scores during the season is eligible for the year end awards.  

4. At the track awards day, the top 3 teams will receive awards to include a trophy or plaque.