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Getting Started

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about BMX racing

Who can race?

Anyone who can ride a bike can race, the youngest classification is 5 years & under with both boys and girls classes. Many tracks have racers with ages ranging from 4 years old to 50 + years young.


Who do I race against?

Everyone will start out racing in the Novice class (beginner). You will race other Novice racers of the same age. If there are not enough racers in your age group you will race the Novice racers who are closest to your age. After a Novice wins 8 main events they will move to the Intermediate class. After 25 Intermediate main event wins they will move to Expert, which is the highest amateur classification a racer can achieve.


When can I start?

Simply come out to the track during the registration time at any event during the year. You can start racing at any scheduled event throughout the year.


Do I have to race every race?

No, you do not have to race every race. You can choose which events work best for you, at any USABMX track anywhere in the country.  The more you race, the more points you get towards your district ranking.


What kind of bike do I need?

We recommend one with 20” wheels or smaller, as that is the allowable size limit in the Novice (beginner) classification. All stunt pegs, kickstands, chain guards, fenders, and reflector brackets must be removed for safety reasons. The bike must have working brakes. Bikes with wheels of 24" or larger (mountain bikes) can also be raced. They must enter the "Cruiser" class, which has no proficiency levels, beginners, intermediates and experts all race together in the same age group.


What kind of clothing and equipment will be required?

A helmet is required, it does not need to be a full face, but it is recommended. We have "loaner helmets" for beginners to use. Check in at registration to get one to use.

Racers must have long sleeve shirts, long pants and enclosed shoes (no sandals)


Do I need some kind of Membership?

All of our races are sanctioned by USABMX (the American Bicycle Association). All Racers must have a membership Full or Temporary (available at the tack during registration)


*Everyone is allowed one FREE trial race with no membership. (at a single points event)

*Temporary memberships allow the racer to race at the track where purchased 

  (expires in 30 days) and can be converted to full membership if you decide you want to

  continue racing.

*A full membership is valid for one year at any USABMX track in the. With full 

  membership, racers will get a subscription to the monthly BMXer magazine and

  membership card and secondary insurance during events. There are price reductions for

  multiple racers in a family and/or addition of cruiser (24" or larger wheel bikes) class.

*Anyone can race in the Race for Life, no membership required. It is a charity event.