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Whittier Narrows BMX Map

1601 N Rosemead Blvd
South El Monte CA 91733
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Track Operator:
Roland Leal
[email protected]

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 1. Every rider practicing or competing on any sanctioned track must obtain a membership prior to riding on the track. Memberships can be purchased at the track. There are four types of memberships available, which are as follows:

a. One-day membership - For the new rider to have a chance to experience the sport prior to joining with one of the memberships below. This membership is for one day of use only and is not transferable or reusable. This membership allows riders to participate in practice and single-points races only. No points are earned.

We offer a ONE DAY to get started follow the link below and fill out the form and we will see you when you come to the TRACK!


b. Temporary 30 Day - For the new rider to the sport • Valid at any sanctioned track • For practice and single-point races only • No points will be awarded • Convertible within a 30-day period to a full (annual) member, with a conversion fee

c. Strider (annual) - For the young toddler rider or balance bike rider • Official membership card • Strider style bikes • No points will be awarded

d. Full (annual)- Valid at any sanctioned event • Official membership card • Subscription to PULL magazine • Annual tracking of points at all races • Official Rulebook, and New Rider Manual (can be picked up at local track)

e. Gold Card (upgrade from Full)- Valid at any sanctioned event • Official membership card • First-class subscription to PULL magazine • “Gold Card member only” line at all national events • Two (2) “free” Open class entries at any national after racing ten 10 nationals • One (1) “free” Open entry at any national after racing 20 single point local races

2. Discount coupon for USA BMX Racewear (after racing 20 single point races).

3. All members receive a secondary sports accident insurance benefit with a cash deductible.

 4. No membership under any circumstance is transferable or refundable.

5. All members must submit valid Proof of Date of Birth within 30 days of membership purchase. Acceptable forms of proof of Date of Birth would be a photocopy of a government issued Birth Certificate or a photocopy of a Government Travel Passport document recognized by the U.S. Government for International Travel. The document must not be expired and contain the Date of Birth and member’s name as part of the document. Members renewing an existing valid member- ship, or one that has expired in the past 90 days, do not need to provide proof of date of birth as part of their renewal process, if they have provided proof of Date of Birth to the Sanction in the past. The Sanction reserves the right to request proof of date of birth for any member. 6. Important: Every rider MUST show proof of membership at race sign-up. Proof constitutes a current membership card or a renewal receipt. The Sanction makes every attempt to issue a renewal notice to riders prior to their membership expiration. It is ultimately the rider and parent’s responsibility to keep all memberships current. Any points earned on an expired membership may be forfeited, as there is no grace period. Memberships must be current through the end of the point season (December 15th) to earn year-end rankings and awards. 7. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the membership department - [email protected]