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BMX Racing League

BMX Racing is an individual sport. Everyone rides, every time, regardless of how proficient or inexperienced. That is one of the key benefits most new families list when asked why they like the sport. “Nobody Rides the Bench in BMX Racing.”
This first of its kind BMX Racing League allows new families to learn how the sport works while riders progress gradually, riding only with other beginners. At this level, the focus is on fun, developing bike handling skills, spending quality family time and meeting new friends.
Each six-week League season includes both instruction and racing, as well as a League jersey, number plate, end-of-season award, and pizza party.
The league starts with an open house for new families, to learn about and experience the sport of BMX Racing, in a non-intimidating environment. Cowtown BMX Racing League is in the process of scheduling their next event.
This is a perfect opportunity to learn about the sport in a Beginner-only atmosphere, and get started in an activity that promises fun, fitness and family time—at the BMX track. The Open House event is open to all ages, however, BMX Racing League is limited to boys & girls ages 4-15 and parents/guardians ages 21 & over.
The program is designed specifically for beginner riders; a “beginner” is someone who has never held a USA BMX membership. All that is needed is the ability to ride a pedal bike without training wheels. 
Create lasting memories with the BMX Racing League: Here’s a rundown of how the day will be structured:

For Riders: Experience the freedom and excitement of our “roll-around," as riders take their bicycle through the manageable jumps and turns of the BMX track. Basic instruction provided by coaching staff and on-track volunteers.

For Parents: A “walk-around” of the facility and the various “stations” of the BMX track. Then a briefing on how the League format works. Parents are also open to get re-acquainted with bikes of their own and ride alongside their children, making for a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories.

For the Whole Family:

• A welcome message from BMX Racing League staff

• Firsthand stories from BMX families on what the sport of BMX Racing has done for them

• Group and personal Q&A time to answer all your questions.

What to Bring/What to Wear for Riders:

• Long pants, long sleeves, athletic shoes with a soft "grippy" sole.

• A bike and helmet (free demo equipment is available).

Additional information will be posted once the next BMX Racing League is scheduled.

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