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South Alexander Park - 1010 7th Avenue NW
Faribault MN 55021
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Track Operator:
Carl Purfeerst
[email protected]

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New Rider Basics

USA BMX Membership

  1. A full or temporary membership is required prior to riding on any USA BMX sanctioned track.
  2. All members must submit a copy of their birth certificate to the USA BMX within 45 days of membership purchase.
  3. You will receive an USA BMX membership card with the rider information, rider number and bike number.


  1. Helmets:  All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached.  Snaps are not allowed.  Helmets must have sufficient padding and be of good quality.  USA BMX highly recommends a full face helmet or a helmet that covers the ears.  Remember - racing is a contact sport.
  2. Shoes:  All riders must wear enclosed shoes, which cover all toes, and are sufficient to protect the rider’s feet. 
  3. Pants:  It is recommended that riders wear long pants. Loose fitting short pants made of tear-resistant material are permitted when used in combination with knee/shin pads. No exposed skin may be showing from above the knee to the ankle. All combinations of knee/shin pads are subject to the approval of the Track Operator.
  4. Shirts:  Long sleeved shirts are recommended.  At the discretion of the track operator, short sleeved shirts and sufficient elbow padding is allowable.
  5. Gloves:  Recommended by not necessary.


  1. Bicycle frame and its parts must be in good condition with no broken wells or jagged exposures.
  2. Handlebars may not exceed 30” in width.  Handlebar grips are required and must be sufficient to fully cover and enclose all metal and openings on handlebar ends.
  3. All kickstands, chain guards, genders and reflector brackets must be removed.
  4. Bike must have some form of operating brake system: hand and/or foot brake.
  5. Bike must have platform (flat) pedals if rider is a Novice. Clips only allowed in Intermediates and Experts.
  6. Seats must be fastened so not to slip during competition.
  7. No wing nuts are allowed to secure the wheels to the frame or fork.
  8. Axle ends may not exceed ¼” beyond the axle nut or must be cut.
  9. Number plates must be attached securely to the front of the bicycle’s handle bars.  Numbers must be legible and at least 3” high. The background must be white with legible black numbers.  Track and finish line officials need to be able to read the number plates for scoring.

Starting Gate

  1. The only riders that may be assisted at the starting gate are those 5 years old and younger.  This assistance shall only include the rear wheel being placed between the assistant’s legs. No hands may be used to prop the rider up and any pushing off will result in the rider’s disqualification.
  2. Parents of any rider 6-8 years of age may accompany their rider through the staging area. However, these parents are NOT ALLOWED to assist their rider at or on the starting gate.
  3. Parents of riders 9 years of age and older may accompany their rider through the chutes but must exit the staging area upon exiting the chutes. These same parents may not be at or on the starting gate.

Racing Levels

  1. Girls:  Girls may register as a Girl or a Novice.  If registered as a girl, she will race only girls if the minimum numbers of racers are in attendance. Otherwise, the riders (Girls and any female Novices) will move into Intermediate of the same age. If registered as a Novice, the girl will race with boys and other girls with Novice membership.  She will advance to Girls when she has won ten 1st place wins.  A novice girl may also voluntarily advance to Girl classification at any time.
  2. Novice:  All new racers regardless of age.  Novices will advance to Intermediate level when the rider has taken ten 1st place wins or 3 title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions).  Wins carry over from year to year.
  3. Intermediate: Upon attaining twenty (20) class wins (any type of race) or five (5) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), an Intermediate will advance to Expert.  Intermediates may voluntarily advance to Expert.  Open and cruiser wins do not count for advancement.
  4. Expert:  Top level.  Can advance to Pro at age 16.
  5. Advancement:  It is the responsibility of the rider/parents to move him/her up when he/she reaches the allotted number of wins.  Riding out of class will result in the forfeiture of points and possible suspension.  Do not wait until you receive your new card, it will follow in a few weeks.